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Questions on 'How to Design a Damn Good Program'

After reading through it this is what I’ve come up with. Is this the right idea or not?

I chose:
G: Synergistic

Day 1: Quads dominant-
3-4 x Squat + 3-4 + Split Squat + 3-4 x Sissy Squat

Day 2: Pull (back, biceps, rear deltoids)
3-4 x Pull up + 3-4 x seated rope row to neck + 3-4 x straight arm pull down
3-4 x scott bench bb curl + 3-4 x hammer curl + 3-4 x concentration curl

Day 3: Recovery

Day 4: Hips dominant
3-4 x romanian DL + 3-4 glute ham raise + 3-4 pull through
3-4 x stiff DL + 3-4 x good mornings + 3-4 x pull through

(haven’t decided yet I guess, also wondering if there is a reason for me not to dead lift with back as well?)

Day 5: Recovery

Day 6: Push (chest, triceps, deltoids)
3-4 x Gironda dips + 3-4 x Incline Bench press + 3-4 x flat flyes
3-4 x clean and press + 3-4 x arnold or scott/thib press + 3-4 x lat or front raises
3-4 x triceps dips + 3-4 x incline close grip + 3-4 x cable triceps extension variations

Day 7: Recovery

Also wondering what I should do for calves/abs?

Do you think I could deadlift AND do pull ups on back day? (my two fav. exercises) and still stiff deadlift for hamstrings? Bleh I dunno if I’m just retarded or what but i’m kinda confused and would really like some help!