Questions on HGH/IGF

Hey, i’ve done some searching, read the relevent HGH threads, and still have a few lingering questions.

Steroids tend to have the strongest effect on the arms and shoulders i’ve noticed, is the same thing happening from the gains from HGH and IGF? Also, which would be stronger in terms of muscle gains HGH, or IGF?

Also, if I go the IGF route, would there be any side effects?


[quote]thabigdon24 wrote:

Steroids tend to have the strongest effect on the arms and shoulders i’ve noticed, [/quote]

WTF !!!

You need to read a LOT more …

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:

What makes you think AAS work mostly on the arms and shoulders? Look at any BBer and say that again, lol.

I can’t answer your second question, because it revolves around an incorrect premise - the arms and shoulders thing.

Would there be any side-effects from IGF1? Well I don’t mean to be blunt, but just how much info did you read?


Ok. I’ve done 4 cycles of deca/test and have noticed the largest gain in the shoulders, the only bodypart that got so large that it got a little tight even though I dont do direct shoulder work. I’ve noticed significant gains elsewhere but as for me, the shoulders were the biggest gainers, as they were one of the underdeveloped bodypats on me, but are now oversized proportionately, again without direct should work. Dont the arms and shoulders have more anabolic receptors?

W/ the HGH i’ve read about teh acromegaly, the increasing size of organs, joint pain, but i’ve done searches on IGF and most of the mentionings that i’ve found are from obscure medical journals which won’t help a nonscientic person out lol.

So back to the original questions
-will hgh or IGF be more effective in terms of size?
-will IGF have any sides that you should watch out for?

Sure. I put in “IGF side effects” into google, but the results are all over the map, I hear everything from hypoglycemia to high blood pressure, to increased organ growth to whatever, but after 6 or 7 website hits I havent came across the exact same side efffect twice even getting something that is obviously wrong-- the typical side effects from too many/long steroid cycles. I think it is that IGF is one the rarer drugs, and decent information just is not out there on it.

Secondly, yes i am well aware that the two are interconnected, that GH results in more IGF, but in terms of effects, does this of this also hold true, meaning that merely taking IGF could result in my body having more GH, and therefore expose me to risk of becoming an ugly neanderthal looking acromegaliac? That’s an amusing thought, but not something that I wish for myself. Also, this does little to aid me in finding out which is better for muscle gains/sides. If you dont know which will put on more muscle, then please just say so. Thanks.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
OK, you’re not reading between the lines.

GH and IGF1 are interconnected but it only goes one way.

…Actually, I think I’ll just bow out here and let you believe it’s because I don’t know what I’m talking about.

So long, and good luck.


I shouldn’t have to read between the lines at all. I’m asking simple questions, right? I hate it when people become obscure so that they sound wise all of a sudden, it’s the idiot savant approach to wisdom.

Anyway, if you can’t or won’t help, that is fine either way.


AAS, by definition have their anabolic effect on the androgen receptors. Growth hormone has its effect by binding to the growth hormone receptor. Totally different mechanism, therefore i would expect their “anabolism” to be unrelated.

And BBB’s read thge line comment, i believe, means HGH will obviously have more of a muscle building effect if IGF-1 is only ONE of its products and growth hormone itself has its own “anabolic” effects…

And, as for side effects - if you want people’s SPECIFIC experiences of IGF side effects, i think you should phrase your question “Hey guise!! Have any of yous used IGF!!! If so, what side effects did this have on you and at what dosage!!!” Otherwise, you will just get more “all over the map” random info from the interwebz.