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Questions on Form


I notice I get tendon pain in my elbow when I do preacher curls. I avoid hyperextending the elbow but the pains still happens. Any ideas?

Also I notice that when I do any form of back exercises that bring in the biceps that my biceps fail out before my back. This is retarding my back growth. Any ideas?


Ive got a simple solution for the preacher curls...dont do 'em! Its not as if preacher curls are a main move like deadlift and bench, its a little ol' biceps exercise and theres hundreds of others to choose from. Why stick with one that hurts you???

As for the other question, I dont know, changing grips is all i can suggest.


Just as the other poster said, skip the preacher curls. There are other movements that you can perform that are better and will put less stress on the bicep tendon.

My first recommendation is "incline curls."

As far as your biceps failing before your lats, that's pretty common.

You might be doing what many others do when performing lat work you are squeezing the bar so hard that you are activating the bicep muscles.

One more tip: Think of your hands as mere hooks. use a thumbless grip and focus your attention on the stretch that you should be feeling in lats when you work them.

Good luck,



I'd hate to abandon preacher curls because I DO find them an extremely effective bicep mass builder particularly with a barbell. You may want to vary the seat height adjustment on the apparatus. This sounds irrevelant but depending on your body's position is where the stress falls on the biceps.

Also try icing and heat pads which always work well. 15 minutes of each alternating. Biceps are smaller than back so naturally they fail first and as the other poster mentioned you must focus on contracting your back and not pulling with your arms.