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Questions On First Cycle

Hey guys Im contemplating on whether or not to take steroids. I’ve been working out regurly training for football for a few years.I have a good diet and train correctly. However I want to take all my hard work to the next level.Some of my questions may seem ridiculous to most of you because of your expierence, you’ll have to excuse me and thank you for your patience.

Injectables seem like too much of a risk and the details with the injections seem to precise and hard to follow, so I’m leaning toward orals even though they pose a greater threat to your liver. Tell me what you think of this following stack:

Oxandrolone, 40 mg per day along with 50 mg per day of stanozolol

To me this seems like a good oral stack but how long should I cycle these two for?
I am assuming two months but I may be wrong. Also, should I take the 40 mg or oxandrolone and 50 mg of stanozol all in one setting, or should I spread them out into seperate settings.

Also once I am done with the cycle(how ever long it is) what should I do so that I don’t lose the gains I’ve aquired? And how long should I wait till I begin my next cycle? how many cycles should I do?

guys any help would be greatly appreciated. I just want to reach an ultimate level of muscle gain, so any help or pointers would be awesome

your dosages sound O.k, I would recomend you split it up and take them at least two times per day. As for keeping gains - you probably stand to keep much of your gains, as recovery from Var and Winny is fairly easy, But on the other side of things don’t expect fantastic gains from your chosen regimen either.

Jimbo, you need to read the steroid newbie thread…But I will answer a few of your q’s.
-An oral only cycle CAN be effective if post cycle therapy is fine tuned.
-If you plan to run the orals for 8 weeks I’d keep the total amount of c-17-AA (the orals) to no more than 75mg/day.
-After week 3, take 500i.u. Hcg on sat and sun for the remaining weeks of the cycle. The day after cessation of the orals begin clomid at 100mg/day and run it for 4 weeks