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Questions on Fiber


Hi. I was wondering about the differences between soluble and insoluble fiber. I know that insoluble isn't absorbed by the body, but is soluble? Do you count soluble fiber as a carb?

Also, does soluble fiber lower the GI of a meal like insoluble?

Finally, is it really possible to eat too much fiber? (I eat a lot...like 40g maybe and I'm a girl...I eat lots of veggies and high fiber products.)


In summary:
You do not count either as a carb. Soluble fiber is absorbed by the body, it lowers cholesterol, and will lower the GI of a meal.

As Dr. Lowery said:
There's growing evidence that higher fiber intakes offer lower risk of fat gain, partly by lowering the insulin and glycemic effects of a meal. About 5g of soluble fiber can drop the glycemic index of a sucrose meal by 50%. In fact, in a 50g carbohydrate portion, each gram of beta glucan predictably lowers the G.I. by 4 units. That great, at least for non-workout times of the day. Men should get 38g of fiber per day and women about 25g.

I have not heard anything about too much fiber, but you can look at this site for more info: www.healthcastle.com/fiber-solubleinsoluble.shtml


Thanks so much for the info!! I forgot my other question...

would a high fiber meal be okay for the meal I have 45 minutes after working out? I usually have Surge right after then 45 min later some veggies, egg white omlet, cottage cheese with fiber one and berries (that's like 20 g. of fiber right there...)

My goals by the way are to add mass, but not fat!!


Yes high fiber meals anytime aside from PWO shake are great.

Insoluable isnt soluable its like tree bark just takes up space. Soluable well soaks things up. has the awesome ability to suck up crap thats why it is good at lowering cholesterol etc. Also once again takes up space.

The only prob I see is you are wanting to gain to all the fiber will fill you up skow digestion and make it a bit harder to fit in the intake you need to add mass.

Other than that go for it,