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questions on exercises for strength program

I’m trying to simplify my strength program a little more and have a few questions on some stuff I learned while searching this forum.

  1. Do deadlifts hit the hamstrings enough to be the only exercise for them or is a straight legged move needed? I don’t feel anything in my hams when I do them. Mostly hip flexors, lower back and glutes. If I do deadlifts one day and squats another will my legs muscles be balanced?

  2. I can’t remember who said this, I think Christian Thibaudeau or Chad Waterbury, that dips were considered vertical push when trying to seperate upper body moves into vertical or horizontal days. Also Arthur Drechsler says in his encyclopedia that when overhead pressing was an event dips were used all the time in training. Does this mean dips can be a replacment for overhead pressing moves?

Thanks in advance.

1)First of all, if all I did was perform deads w/out any work to the assisting muscles, I’m sure my deads would suffer. So, I’m also performing plenty of hamstring and lower back assistant work.

2)I don’t think the meaning was that dips can replace overhead pressing movements; but that dips can work some of the muscles involved in overhead pressing movement. Like, the triceps for example. In other words, a good way to work on possible weak spots. But I’m of the mind frame that if my overhead pressing needed work, then I should work on overhead pressing (besides incorporating work for assisting muscles).

But, hey: I haven’t read what Drechsler exactly said. :-))

I’m the one who said dips are a vertical plane pushing exercise, because, well, they are.
But it shouldn’t replace the overhead pressing movement. Each exercise has its own benefit and purpose, so execute both.