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Questions on DNP and Melanotan II


I plan on going on a cutting diet soon, and I originally was going to go with just clenbuterol as a fat loss aid, but now I'm considering adding in DNP. I'd like to hear anyone's experiences on it pertaining to muscle retention while on it. With any rapid weight loss, muscle loss is almost always an issue especially if one is not on any sort of anticatabolic substance such as testosterone.

After analyzing the side effects, becoming weaker due to lowered efficacy in ATP usage along with depleted levels of T3 and hydration issues, thus inhibiting muscle contraction, muscle loss could certainly be an issue. However, I have read that some people had little to no lethargy on the drug. I would hope that would at least be somewhat offset with the stacking of it with clenbuterol, which is possibly a slight anticatabolic substance although that is more likely attributed to the increased strength due to its stimulant-like qualities by stimulating the nervous system's ability to cause muscle contraction. Again, T3 levels are lowered while on DNP, which could offset some of the catabolism. However, the main roadblock remains: whether or not the body will, due to the rapid weight loss, break down muscle tissue to meet its needs.

I am thinking that a high carb intake would be helpful in this situation since glucose usage would be off the charts with DNP. I've thought about doing a short cycle while on of maybe test prop, but I'd rather save my androgen receptors for a bulking cycle as soon as I'm done cutting since I have very fresh androgen receptors from not having used steroids for a few years. Anyhow, any wisdom on DNP is welcome since it's something I have not used before. If you're wondering, I've already researched it a decent amount.

As for melanotan II, I'm looking for an alternative to tanning salons that is potentially cheaper. Tans acquired from melanotan II reportedly last longer and are obviously more evenly spread. If you want to share any info on this, feel free to do so. I have also researched this substance as well, but I have never used it.

Thanks for all responses.


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With clenbuterol, it is not absolutely necessary to be on steroids while cutting, but, with T3, it is more preferable to be on cycle while cutting due to the more catabolic nature of T3. Some compounds would be wise to pair with a cutting cycle while some are ok without it. I'm unsure of this in the case of using DNP, which is why I'm asking. I didn't see too many people comment on it. Do you think it's necessary to be on cycle while on DNP?


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Hmm . . . well, I could do a small cycle of test prop with the clen and DNP, but I would then have to have some downtime in between before the next cycle. But if DNP is really that catabolic that I would need to cycle in order to retain muscle, I think I may just stick with clen since I'd rather start a cycle at the beginning of a bulk. I'll weigh my options for the time being, but I think for now I'll most likely go with just clen.

Again, if anyone has any sources of DNP or melanotan II that they could share with me, I would appreciate it.