Questions on Cycles for Females

I will try to make this short and sweet…always been a natty lightweight fbb’r…done well at most of my shows, winning last 2 both weightclass and overalls. I have always been the smallest on stage but best conditioned, which I feel is what wins my shows.

I go from a solid 130 offseason to 100lbs ripped on stage…now this is a lot of size that I do lose and for my next 3 shows this yr I really dont want to diet as hard as I do and lose so much size either. I would like to come in even 5lbs heavier which would be a huge development on my frame…I am 5ft tall, but i hold thick dense muscle for my size due to my yrs of powerlifting and my yrs in bbing. Im in this game since 1998 and have a strong foundation and good condioning offseason as well.

So…question is…and im reading and researching but all this info on what to use and what would be best for someone like me is really overwhelming. It seems to me its more involved than just blindfolding yourself and picking what you think might work cause it works for someone else. I am most concerned with bringing in my sick conditioning as I do every yr but holding more size…thoughts??

I have looked into anavar…that seems like a staple for most females on stage. What about T3? and is tren safe for women? what would help me hold more muscle and get lean at the same time as I prep for my shows?..guess this wasnt that short eh? lol

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I hear ya on all that…I do use birth control pills, so that would affect me using GH? and honestly, if I was to use something…and Im on the fence w all this anyway, just doin the research…I dont want to inject. I know right now I wont be able to do that to myself and would not have anyone do it for me so that’s out. I use aminos regularly and yes that is me (profile pic) from my last prep end of 2010. I lose so much darn size…like right now Im not ripped yet…only started dieting 3 days ago, but Im bigger, so hoping I actually added muscle this past year, which I believe I have but to only lose it or burn through it while I diet hard these next months…seems pointless to me…kinda.

also…whats the deal with winny? how is that used?

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ok so this winny stuff…can it be stacked w the anavar and what about T3? its like a thyroid med right? supposed to make fat burning more efficient? so if I have no issues with my throid, and I dont cause i had a complete checkup recently…would it even work? I mean normally its prescribed to those with inactive thyroids so if your thyroids are normal…whats the benefit or risk in using it if any?

see, the questions never stop, lol…sorry…but I need to know as much as possible to see if this is a route I wanna take or just suck it up and do it the way i been through hard dieting…which seriously sucks and just let my body do its thing naturally.

T3 burns tissue, it doesn’t discriminate between muscle and fat. Most guys run AAS alongside T3 to stave off the muscle loss. Since you’re already coming in with great conditioning T3 is probably not the drug you need.

Winstrol can be stacked with Anavar yes, but as BBB says it is very virilising ie deeper voice, hair growth, enlarged clit etc. Do us all a favor and don’t go there lol.

If I were a female BB I would run very low dose anavar during contest prep and nothing else.

Use anavar your first round if you want to use something. It worked very well for my wife at 10mg a day. I believe lots of women use T3 as well and clen is also a possibility. T3 will also make you lose muscle mass which is not what your looking for at all.

Why stack a bunch of things when you could use just one

got it and it makes sense, thanks. Im just wondering wtf do some of these female bbrs use to get so huge and ripped? I mean seriously? they gotta be stacking all sorts of things and Im sure not using anavar…lol

I’d like to throw an idea out there: Albuterol.

It will aid with contest prep as a beta 2 agonist, can act as a pre-WO stim, is thought to be ergogenic, is well tolerated, tested in humans, manageable sides (compared to clen), and isn’t androgenic.

It’s not Anavar, but as BBB (i believe) pointed out, there’s a lot of mislabeled var out there, and the last thing you want is to be taking 30 mgs of Dbol a day thinking it’s 15 mgs of var.

Edit: Replaced the word anabolic with ergogenic, which seems more accurate.

hmm, maybe thats how these gals are getting huge and ripped…bein misdiagnosed? lol…well its not funny cause thats a terrible thing to happen and my luck that would happen to me…buying a product that wasnt what it was supposed to be I mean…thats scary. of course i have no clue on even where I would find such supplements or products and for some reason when you kinda ask around (like locally) people either get really uptight about it or they refuse to give out info on where they get their stuff…so I wouldnt even know where to look for something like that. But thank you for the info…very helpful and i guess if i find a good source I may try it out. Im gonna compete in my last 3 shows this yr and they are big shows so i wanted to bring a pretty sick package to the stage. I do like how I look when Im stage ready but thought with all my yrs of doin this, I kinda wanted a bit of an edge cause the girls on stage today are looking fierce…Im like a peanut compared to them.

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I put up a back pic of me NOW

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Well if you won’t inject, then GH is out, so there’s no point me explaining how progesterone-based contraceptives seem to elicit a paradoxical reaction when combined with GH, leading to reduced energy and fat storage :wink:



ok veraforza17…why the lol?? I would like a good laugh too.

Thinking outside the box, some items not mentioned that may be of some use to you if you are looking for items to help give you a boost yet keep masculising side effects down.:

Clostabol, which is very similar to oral primobolan, a weak steroid that isn’t very androgenic at all, and not liver toxic you should use 50 -100mg of this stuff a day without a problem as it isnt absorbed well in the gi tract.

Ostarine. I hear of some very good results in women using this also

Clen and t3: something to add in, later in the diet when you fat losses are slowing down. Provide you are using some form of anabolic you will be fine.

thank you prisoner…and you look awesome in that pic! Im still kinda on the fence…just trying to get as much info as possible before I commit to any decision. thank you.

really is a science to it all…so many people go into this blindfolded…I dont understand how people dabble without knowing all the details first

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ok veraforza17…why the lol?? I would like a good laugh too.[/quote]

The way BBB put it made me laugh :slight_smile:

BBB, any way to contact you privately? And not to hijack, but how about GHRP-6 for women?