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Questions on Cycle

hey, I would like the advice from some of the members on the board in reference to a cycle i’m planning.

here it is:

Week 1-4: EQ-400 mg, Nandralone Phenylpropinate-400 mg, Proviron-25 mg/day

Week 5: EQ-400 mg, Nandralone Phenylpropinate-200 mg, Proviron-25 mg/day

Week 6: Nandralone Phenylpropinate-200 mg, Proviron-25 mg/day

my main goals are increases in endurance and in injury rehab, as i recently tore some cartilidge in my knee. also, i’m prepping for a deployment to the middle east, and want to push my recovery up, and will use MSM, glucosamine and chondoitin as well.

my reasons for using the nandralone are to facilitate the recovery of my knee, and the EQ to increase my endurance, and the proviron to add a bit of an adrogen, as well as prevent any estrogen issues. i imagine i’ll ad 5-10 lbs of LBM and strength, but those are not my primary goals…

p.s i’ll use the proviron and clomid for 3-4 weeks for PCT, as well as Alpha Male and M



sorry, forgot to post my questions.

  1. would the nandralone phenylpropinate be as good as Deca at helping with joint issues, due to the minor chemical difference?

  2. would the combination of EQ/proviron help prevent the “Deca Dick?”

i have a relatively short time frame to get this cycle done and complete PCT prior to deployment, so any advice would be appreciated. thanks.

You won’t get the full benefit of running EQ for only 6 weeks. Are you aware that it’s Boldenone Undecylenate? Maybe if it was Boldenone Propionate, then you’d be ok.

Yeah, NPP is great. Nandrolone is Nandrolone… the ester doesn’t change the effect the hormone has on the body.


thanks for the reply…

yeah, i know that six weeks isn’t gonna be the best for the EQ (with the half life at 14 days, right?), but i thought it might be worth a try to see how much more endurance i could eek out. however, if that’s just gonna be a complete waste of time, and i won’t gain any endurance, i may re-think it…


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Hey BBB -

Did you finally get settled in? Haven’t seen you around for a while.

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glad to see you’re back-just in time!

ya know, i never thought about Anadrol, but in reality, it’s prolly a better option than the EQ. i’m gonna re-write the cycle based off of that…