Questions on Books, BW Assistance, Pull-ups, and Cutting

Hi everyone, Hi Jim. Im looking into buying either 5/3/1 2nd edition or 5/3/1 beyond, not sure which however.

I have recently programmed the Triumvirate and 5/3/1 for hardgainers for my fiancé but I am looking to expound upon further options for her and myself included. We are both highly different when it comes to training so I need options, I am very dynamic dominate and recovery very slowly while she recovers very quickly and can tolerate high volume well but has minor dynamic ability. So looking for training options, when it comes to volume, possible dynamic work, and also looking to get more information on your recommendations for programming assistance work and which book might cover that more thoroughly.

-Also Which book do you feel shows better options for full body training, upper lower splits, or training each body part twice a week, even if the 2nd time is assistance work. ( We both respond well to 2-3 times a week frequency but spreading the volume).

-Additionally what is your take on programming in gymnastic ring work for assistance exercises? dips, pushups, pullups, front and back levers, german hangs? These hit me well but can be much more strenuous on my connective tissues.

-Suggestions on a strict pullup program for helping my fiancé get her first pullup while running 5/3/1? She has done a lot of cluster sets, banded pulldowns and negatives in the past, currently back to normal repetitions but assisted pullups adding volume each week. She is only about 1- 2 inches from the top lockout but progress is stalled?

  • Any 5/3/1 style program that you would suggest over another when beginning a cut?

It is a lot of questions, but we appreciate any help.

Respectfully, BigRick

Generally speaking, get the 2nd Edition and the 5/3/1 Forever book.

As for the assistance work, you already answered your own question so not sure why you are asking me. The Forever book talks extensively on assistance work and how to program it; with the big emphasis on “use common sense/experience”. You already know what you want to do so again, not sure why you are asking.

Ring work - it’s assistance work. Again, you already answered your own question. Use your experience and common sense to help guide you.

Pull-ups - I have no idea. I don’t really care/do pull-up programs or train women. Sorry but that isn’t much interest to me at this point. I’m sure there are thousands upon thousands of articles on this that can better help you than I.

I have never done a cut or think it is remotely appropriate for anyone to do a “cut”. Again, nothing I’m interested in. Generally, all my ideas/programming/training revolve around getting stronger, better conditioned, etc. This is the only thing that interests me.

It seems you know what you need and what you want to do; you’d probably be better off following your own lead/heart/mind. I assume you have kept detailed notes on all your training the past 10 years? All your answers are in there; you have already indicated your knowledge so it’s time you start heeding your own words.

Hmm, i guess i have more answers than what I was realizing. I do have detailed logs though my training protocols have changed signifiganlty in the last 5 years and even within the last year.

I will use your answers to make more mental notes that i just need to relie more on my experiences.

Thanks for the “wake up call.”