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Questions on Biotest Supplements


Im sure some people here have tried ZMA, German Micronized Creatine, or Power Drive. Are they good and are they worth the price, they don't cost to much, so I'm wondering.


3 of my favorite supps. I consider ZMA and creatine staples with Powerdrive being very good for CNS recovery and energy.


Awsome, Ill have to try them soon, and what is CNS?


Central Nervous System.

I didn't notice much from ZMA unless you're on a calorie restricted diet.

I do enjoy the G. Creatine though.


Funny you should ask; my last order was creatine, Power Drive, and Flameout. ZMA is alright, but I think a multi can fill that void. More efficacious might be a multi + TRIBEX or Alpha Male.


ZMA and creatine are staples for sure. Ido love Power Drive for the days following ME day just helps me NOT feel like I was flattened by a truck mentally



If you don't know what CNS is, don't bother with Power Drive yet... read more articles around the site first! :slightly_smiling:

ZMA is awesome, I take powerdrive before all my games and after heavy lifts. Creatine I take in my water bottle with some l-glut and beta-alanine.


Creatine works, and if you're training hard and NOT taking it then you're seriously missing out. ZMA is good, although I do well on 2 tabs per night instead of 3 (3 leaves me feeling a bit groggy). Power Drive is definitely worth it for those ME days as Phill said, and is pretty good for studying too...



I know what the central nervous system is, I just didnt know what the abbreviation was haha. I will probably buy them sometime when I get some more funds, but I just might be getting the same stuff for free quite soon. A guy with several thousand dollars worth of supplements is going to give me some stuff for free. Hopefully Ill get lucky and get this stuff.