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Questions on "Best Damn Workout Plan 2"

Hello coach, first i want to say that when you’re write a new article i’m like a child on toys market. It so much new info. Thanks for that, for helping understand the body.

When i read your article some questions appears, i need your advice, not to frankenstein your program , but for educational purpose.

For you, how do you estimate whith high frequency systeme, the maximum training volume ? You speak of number of sets.
There is a maximum tonnage per workout ? what do you think of density method with high frequency ( Edt by staley, Emom with 60 % to 90% of 1 rm ? )

Is the duration of a workout is important with high frequency/cortisol problem like a wod within 10-20 minutes windows ?
Emom or muscular wod are brutal on volume and intensity but short in times.
Is it a factor on recover/ make gains? (Short session with lots of volume X x times/ week)

I love the layer system but is not doable in high frequency system,
is it possible to play on volume with an undulating system like
week 1 : layer system
week 2 : wod / emom
week 3 : myo rep and/ or low volume approach

Thanks for your answers :wink:
Sorry for my Borat english :wink: When do you come back in France for a seminar?