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Questions on Bald Men


Men who are bald (100 percent shaved) why did you do it? What was the response from people?
Women: What are your views on bald men? Attractiveness? Does it matter to you?


I used to shave my head completely before. I sported long hair for 11 years, got fed up and decided to shave just for the hell of it. I liked it and many friends, family, customers etc. also complimented me for it. Retail workers on the other hand didn’t seem to like it. Almost every time I came to the register, the cashier had me show her the contents of my gym bag and they called the security to follow me on numerous occasions.

5/5 would shave again if my scalp could handle it.


The first time I shaved my head was my last week in high school. I’d had long hair for awhile (down to my shoulders), and just decided to chop it all off. It felt great, no maintenance. For several years after that, I would let my hair grow all year, and shave it once a year. Then start the process over. Now I mostly keep it shaved. I’ve had a lot of people tell me they think it’s a good look for me, and that they wish they could do it, they just worry about how they’d look. I’m not particularly vain as far as my hair goes, and now that my hairline sucks, it makes sense for me to just keep it short or shaved. But I absolutely love having a zero-maintenance hair cut.


good for you. You just have to take it like a man if you lose your hair and shave that shit close.

Comb overs and such are just the worst.

I’m living on borrowed time as far as baldness goes, but I made my peace with it a long time ago


Way more convient, liberating, no cost… just everything about having a shaved head is better.

I shave my head with a 0A blade, which cuts down to 1.2 mm. I used to shave it completely bald, but having a little stubble I have found is more comfortable for me. If I was balding, I would totally Bic it completely.

I’ve been shaving my head for 9 years now, had it shaved for a little while when I was in the Marines, but grew it out for awhile till I went back to college. My girlfriend prefers me with a shaved head, says it fits my personality more, whatever that means. I personally don’t care what anyone thinks about it, if you’re ugly with a shaved head then… you were ugly with hair too. I mean, I wouldn’t want to sleep with someone who only wanted to fuck me for my hair. That would be kind of retarded.


I shave my head through the warm months and let it grow back through winter. Responses vary from person to person from just got out of prison to copious rubbing and cooing.


Oh god, another “what do women like/want/think” thread. :flushed:


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