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Questions on Adrenal Fatigue, Sustained Release T3, And Recovering

I’m on a good TRT regimen and previously KSMan said likely that it was adrenal fatigue causing my symptoms. Due to low body temperatures I started taking sustained release T3 and my fatigue improved. I still feel burnt out, though, and I still drink two cups of coffee and 2-3 diet sodas a day. I’m trying to wean myself off, but without SOME caffeine I can’t carry on conversations, I’m completely unproductive at work, and I feel like crap. KSMan says to read Wilsons book on adrenal fatigue. To me the sum of most of the advice is “quit caffeine, eat a low glycemic diet, take some supplements, and lower stress as much as possible”. I MAY need to quit my job and go to something I enjoy more/lower stress, but the caffeine part is the big deal for me. Is it really necessary to quit caffeine ENTIRELY? What about just one cup in the morning? I know I’m at a lot right now but is there a way to quit so it’s not so brutal and I lose productivity at work for several weeks? (I don’t have any vacation hours left). Any tips?

And with sustained release T3. Isn’t that dangerous? Increased RT3 is putting on the metabolic brakes because it needs to slow down and cope. Isn’t suberting that with sustained release T3 a bad thing?

Also I’m 26 and have been on TRT for almost 3 years. I’m wondering if I can treat this if there’s any hope of getting off of TRT.