Questions on a Blast

1st - I am only asking this in the pharma forum because of the dosages involved. Figured I would get asked to go here anyway.

Little background: I’ve been on TRT for over a year. Currently prescribed .5ml on a true E3D schedule (200mg / ml of T-cyp). I know after the ester is removed that it is is around 70 mg of “actual” test per pin day / 210mg in 6 days. This was a recent increase by my doctor, not me. Injections are administered Sub-q in 2 separate sites (.25 each) Also taking Armidex to manage E2. I do realize that my current dosage is on the upper most end, if not a tad over, typical TRT doses. I feel fine and have not noticed any of the typical side effects associated with larger doses. I am going to get labs here in 2 weeks to see where this current dose has me at. I am looking for info on this because I would like to consider a short blast before summer.

My questions, if & when I would decide to blast, are:

  1. What would a decent dosage be? I have read to stick with test only for the first blast, just increase it.
    I have seen anywhere from 300 - 600mg.
  2. Should I keep my TRT protocol the exact same - ie: E3D & sub-q injections or switch it up for the blast & then return to my TRT dosage and protocol afterwards?

If you have labs now that show E2 based on your current protocol and E2 needs to be changed, calculate the corrected anastrozole dose by Current_E2/22 X old anastrozole dose. That will get you near E2=22pg/ml.

Then if you increase T, increase anastrozole dose by the same factor and E2 should be good. You can stack both corrections.

Good E2 management might require a liquid anastrozole product to allow for finer dose increments.

The actual T yield of a T ester really does not matter.

Your current routing is creating steady T levels and you want that so ratio of serum anastrozole:testosterone to be steady.

The done side of doing this is perhaps feeling down when not blasting. So there is a quality of life risk.
Once you get your hands in the cookie jar, you might not be able to keep it out.

You should do labs to make sure that HTC is not getting harmful.

For many TRT guys, doing gear and pushing metabolic rates higher might have some negative consequences if thyroid function or adrenals cannot keep up.

What are your primary goals? Wellbeing or being big?

I am scheduled for lab work on Feb 8, day before next injection. These will be the first labs taken after the current dosage increase. Will post results as soon as I get them. Last measured hematocrit level was 46.6%. I have recently started donating blood on a regular basis to help mitigate any issues. My primary goal is wellbeing, size is secondary. I do not have any desire to compete at any level, so in that regard, that type of size is not on my mind. I would “like to try” a small blast just to see where I can go. If I don’t like it or have labs / symptoms that show concerns, I will stop. I know myself very well, keep detailed records of my treatment so I earnestly believe that I can keep my “cookie consumption” to a minimum.