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Questions on 300 Workout


Questions regard the 300 workout.

Is it permissible to split up sets? Can you fail, wait 30 seconds, then try and finish up your set?
Also, is there a max time for the workout that you can't go past?



A program is written the way it is for a specific reason. Any adjustments you make will affect it, and can possibly make it less effective, which I'm guessing is the case with this.

That being said, this should definitely probably be in the Conditioning Forum, this certainly isn't bodybuilding, haha.


Google search is your friend.


The 300 workout is specific to whatever your personal abilities are. It's when people try to exceed what they're actually capable of doing that gets them into trouble or eventually injured. If you need to wait 30 seconds to complete the set, then wait 30 seconds. Keep track of your performance and then try to improve with each attempt of the workout after that. I don't recommend doing the 300 workout very often, but it's a cool bench-mark workout to see how your conditioning improves. Same goes for the total time it takes to complete. You're only in competition with yourself. So keep track of your own personal time and then gauge your results from there.


if you are referring the test/challenge that was by invite only for the actors training for the movie 300, then it was a test/challenge not a workout they did periodically. it was motivation to push every one harder so they could get invited to do it.

the idea was to time how long it took to complete the entire 300 reps. not to time how long it took to do each segment. you can read about it from the people that trained the crew:

and top quote a small part of that article for those that dont want to read it all:
The second misconception surrounds the idea of the Spartan workout, aka "300", how frequently it was done or who actually finished it. "300" is a one-time test, an invitation-only challenge undertaken by those deemed ready for it.


Well said.


Wrong. It was a test for actors, not a workout. I can't believe this shit is still coming up.


It's still coming up because people ARE still doing it! Although it started out as a test, people are going to try most things put out by the media just to see how they compare. Is it a weekly routine.....NO. But I don't see anything wrong with someone attempting it every month or so to see how they measure up (especially if that's the style of training their currently doing).


well said again


It is bastardized bullshit. There are many better things to do than this.