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Questions of Protein

I work at a health food store with about 5 different kinds of protein, and because of my employee discount, I’m considering purchasing from there. I was hoping the genius of T-Nation could help me out in picking the best as far as price/effectiveness goes.

Whey protein (5 or 6 different kinds)
Pea protein
Soy protein (about 10 different kinds)
Egg protein

I havnt even heard of most of these, and i was just wondering if people had any idea as some of the other ones, mainly pea protein. (its the cheapest, with 2lbs for 20$).
i’ve heard the soy isnt the best for you, and that your body may not do the best job of absorbing the egg protein (?)

any help would be great

I’d go with egg and skip the rest for the most part. I wouldn’t use soy myself but I would use the others from time to time by rotating them every few months.

Maybe use egg for a few months then the others for one then back to egg.

Have you no casein there?

i think there might be a little bit, but its in such small quantities that its useless, either way i’ll check tomorrow. as far as protein/gram goes, egg is by far the best (one scoop 30 gs, has 24 gs of protein)

never even heard of pea protein. how much protein is in there? i would probably stick to egg protein though

I hadnt heard of it either, but i think it has around 20 g’s protien to a 30 gram scoop. i think its one of the weirdest things i’ve ever heard of…

My .02- Pick up the whey (as long as it is cheap - not something that says it will JACK YOU UP AND MAKE YOU SWOLE!!! GRUNT!!!) and the egg as well. Mix milk (if you are not lactose intolerant) 1/2 scoop of whey and a full scoop of egg.

BEWARE!!! Egg protein can make your farts TOXIC!! Seriously- to the point where you might even gross yourself out. This is quite a feat since everyone know you don’t mind your own stench;)


For a slower digesting mix, Metabolic Drive is pretty tasty…