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Questions of Energy Systems


Hi 3 months ago I was a skinny ass 140lb teenager at 9% bf that people talk shit about, but over the months iv been powerlifting and jumped to over 160 at like 12-14%bf now. Now that i have more bf i feel like I have alot more energy and pull working out, especialy max effort. All that being said I run the 400m in track and an trying to get a scholership so I need to be sick shape.

My question is what kind of bf% would be the best for track? The question is because I feel better with more fat on and the 400m takes alot of energy, so the fat might help me pull at the end but its counterintuitive to be carrying extra weight that isnt propelling you forward. So what do you guys think?

Im also inturested in anything anyone has to say about energy drinks, stimulants, food timing, factors of glycogyn storing, anything you guys think will help after iv been runnin for 40 seconds already. By the way im 5'9" and I have the idea in my head that i want to run at 165 at a 7-8%bf so ya.
Thanks for any help


You're doing something very wrong if you're a teenager and yet had increase your bodyfat by 50% for some strength gain.
Do more cardio, it deosn't hurt, it's good for your fatass. Doesn't matter if you're running, boxing, skipping rope etc. You're a teenager who has been eating way too much because of some BS "bulking" strategies.
And your question is meaningless. There is no "best" BF per se for 400m. Of course, 14% is way too much for ANY running sport. The fat does give you ZERO (0) energy in the 400 m. You either did seriously undereat beforehand or you're simply totally uninformed what 14% means.


Get rid of that fat. It doesn't get used as a main energy source in the 400m dash. If you wanna get into shape, stop you're powerlifting for a while, eat right, and do it the Tabata way.


Try Litvinov's: front squat a decent weight for 8 reps, then sprint a 400(1/4mile). Rest briefly, and repeat 3 more times(total of 4). Greatly improved my running, but then I am not a track athlete. Dropped my 1.5mi time for the PFT by a full minute, with no distance running, just this and other sprints. Should also help you shred fat.


wow i really miss entered that... what i was trying to say is that of the 20lbs i put on, about 3-4 are fat so my bf% is close to the same


That's a cool superset right there.