Questions: Injection Site, Results & More...

I’ve found that the Upper Portion of the Glute gives me almost Zero pain when injecting, while the Mid-Level portion hurts…a lot.

  • Which Injection Site is best with regard to Results/Delivery?

Stuff says “maintain to 30’ C”, in Spanish. (86’F)

  • Room tempurature in the closet fine?

I’m on day 6 - Second Injection
~ 500mg Sustanon 250 (Tornel)
~ 200mg Testosterone Cypionate (SYD Group)
~ 300mg “Equipoise” (SYD Group)

Only noticable reaction is my extreme hunger increase. From the Equipoise from what I’ve read.

-No Noticable drive increase (Labido or Training Intensity)

This is my first cycle. I’m an all natural competitor (First show got 2nd & 3rd) - Training 10 years+.

Feedback on Any or All of that?


As long as you hve a reasonable amount of muscle then you shouldn’t worry about absorption. upper or mid or lower, it should all be fine. If you are trying to site inject into a massive 13" bicep, then you might have a problem.

I appreciated the feedback.

I reeeeeeaally hope my a$$ doesn’t hurt like I think it’s going to tomorrow from the T.Cyp - Yipe!


Hey bro, you should also try you’re triceps as well as you’re shoulders. Since I started doing these site injections my tri’s and shoulders have really blown up. As far as pain goes, you can’t even feel anything.