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hey chris,

  1. Im using your double stimulation training right now, with 2x 5 of 5 exercises ! i would like to know how many weeks should i use this approch ? Do you think it is really demanding for the body using this way ?

  2. Are you always doing a 3 to 4 weeks of hypertrophie after a cycle of hard strenght ? are u still using your big lift but in 4x8 + somes isolation exercises ? how you set it ??

  3. Thanks you, its really appreaciated !! P.s : i really like the double stimulation approach.


not CT but maybe i can help you.

1.) To give a specific answer one would need more information. A genetal answer would be, if you stop make progress or you start to feel bad, get weaker etc. you need a break/ another programm

2.) CT never makes something always. His mind is about fixing a weakness. But at least with the 915 program he recommend a 2-4 weeks specialsiton approache for your weakest muscle group.
His training is always depending on the goal.


Adding double stimulation doesn't make the program a lot more demanding and can be done long term. HOWEVER if the rest of your program is demanding that is another story. In other words if you are forced to change your program because of fatigue, it will not be because of the double stimulation part but because of your main workouts.

Personally I don't always do 3-4 weeks of hypertrophy. But yeah, after a 9-12 weeks cycle of hard training I normally go easier for 3 weeks. Either by doing pump work or technical work.

I try to always keep one big lift per session even during the lighter periods. I don't really use high reps for the big lifts, maybe up to 5-6 but I don't go all out. For example I might do sets of 3 reps with a weight I could do 5 reps with.

The assistance work is for higher reps (when doing an hypertrophy phase) and I'm even using some pump work using isolation exercises.


great thank you my friend !!