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questions/help concerning waterbury's wisdom

i’ve been lifting for two solid years, and i’ve gone from roughly 180 to 223 (i’m 6’4") and dropped my bodyfat from 11% to 9% using the standard 5 sets of 5 reps approach without seriously employing aerobic exercise or supplements (although i’ve recently begun hot-rox and interval training)

i’ve read and reread all of waterbury’s articles, and i’ve decided to give his four day split (upper body max training, lower body max training, upper body explosive training, and lower body explosive training) a try

my question is this: how many of yall have tried this, and, if you so, do you have any advice you’d mind sharing? i’m doing my damndest to break out of this rut, but i really don’t want to risk overtraining. any help you can give as far what is sufficient for upper body maximum training would be appreciated (is just a bench press enough for chest?, etc) and any help for explosive training would be a great help…

sorry for being so longwinded…


Stick to one of Chad’s programs as laid out for awhile, and then get back to us with specific questions.