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Questions from a teen

Oh crap it’s christmas morning. I feel like a f***in pig. I went to this Italian restaurant last night. I don’t mean Olive garden or any of that crap, I mean REAL Italian. Everything wieghed at least 8 pounds. I ordered bread pudding expecting a nice little bowl and they come over with this bread, chocolate and carmel raisin LOG of pudding. That thing’ll last me a month…

Anyway, I had some question regarding, uh, myself!

  1. Is there any truth to that whole “weight training stunts growth” bit? Where’d it start from? I’m sure it’s a misunderstanding or something.

  2. Is there any risk to taking glutamine for someone my age (almost 16 [can you feel the age-related inadequacey mood?])? I know surge has some in it, though in small amounts.

  3. How many calories and grams of carbohydrates are in a banana? I can’t find info on it and I gulp one of those things down almost everyday for lunch (none of that greasy soy-filled school-crap for me!). I should probably bring something meaty…

All for now, thankees!

Since it is Christmas, I’ll spoon feed you. (1) Weight training won’t stunt your growth. I would imagine that this belief arouse from steroid fear mongering (and there is some support for bone sealing) and general ignorance. (2) No there is absolutely no “risk” in taking glutamine other than in wasting your paper route money as it’s for all intents and purposes useless. I’m quite sure you’ve told this already! (3) http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/cgi-bin/nut_search.pl.

C19 H 28 O2 was spot on, although some people do swear by glutamine, its probably not worthwhile especially for a 16yo.

C19 H28 O2 is your name a chemical structure or something? What is it?

Hey Slap, gotta agree with the previous response on all counts. Im a T-boy myself by the way. No danger in glutamine, no point either, dont waste your money. You want to increase protein synthesis and glutamine production, take BCAA’s, they are already included in Surge. About the banana thing, you can also go to www.nutri-facts.com for all sorts of nutritional facts. A piece of advice, you may want to lay of bananas every single day, instead throw in some green vegetables, also make sure you have some protein source in EVERY meal. Good luck

C19 H28 O2 is the formula for testosterone.

Very clever name