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Questions for Those That Struggle with Estrogen

First post here but lurked for a long time.
I am one of the lucky ones whos body is very good at converting test into estrogen.
First off my Dr is my family Doc and its great that he prescribes test for me but he really isnt knowledgeable. Insurance does cover it this way though.

I am only taking 120mg per week of Cyp and with no Arimidex my estrogen is at 44 on a sensitive test. This last lab was taken about 14 hours after my 120 mg Cyp shot subq. Nipples are a little sensitive and I did have gyno in my 20’s that was surgically removed.
I have a prescription for Arimidex that he wrote for 1mg daily which is obviously way too much. I started at half that and within a week was having erection issues so discontinued before the labwork. Looking for a recommended dose before I find a specialist and get another lab.

Second question.
I have pretty bad arthritis in my hands. I am 54 years old and this time of year my job demands a lot of my hands.
I have 4 bottles of Decca and I am interested in trying a lower dose of maybe 200-300 mg just during these months for some relief. I am pretty muscular and really not looking to build muscle at 6’4" 230 pounds and about 15% body fat.
Looking for a recommendation on dose and if I go that route how much Arimidex to add.

Pretty much the worst possible time for labs, for starters. Shot day, BEFORE the shot. It makes a pretty huge difference.
The correct starting AI dose would be none. As in none. Leave it in the drawer. If your gyno was surgically removed, I’m not sure what there would be to grow now. The gland being removed, technically shouldn’t be there any more. Itchy nipples will probably go away on their own after a couple of weeks. Taking all that arimidex is probably causing you a lot of pain with arthritic joints. I wouldn’t say that you are particularly more effecient than anybody else at producing E2 either, mine runs in the 60’s on 180mg. Just wait and stay away from the AI for at least 8 weeks before you assess need.

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Ditto what hardartery said ^.

I would think it would need to be unbearable before considering an AI.

Regarding joints, higher E2 helps. I didn’t get much benefit from nandrolone, but many report near miraculous help with joint symptoms.

If you are dead set on anastrozole, make it 0.25mg twelve hours post injection.

Agreed. E2 of 40 isn’t an issue. Stop taking the AI.

You’re about to see why everyone here warns everyone not to take AI’s unless really needed (which isn’t often). You’re probably going to feel like crap for a couple of weeks. Not much you can do about it, just don’t take any more.

If you’re going to take it again eventually, more like 0.25mg/week is where I’d start. Actually, I would start at 0. 1mg/day is a cancer patient dose. Literally.

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I had gyno return. It does happen. Only one side and had a revision surgery. They probably missed a tiny bit of gland the first time. It was a few years later and I was taking a little test and anabolic. Cant remember the details but it wasnt anything you would think would cause it. Even if the painful gland growth doesnt return you can certainly get the puffiness.
The lab timing was due to the damn virus and when I could get in. I think I am going to split the 120 mg followed by 1/4 mg and retest.
My hands are pretty bad. Distal joint arthritis. Totally genetic. Nothing anywhere else yet fingers crossed (no pun intended because my fingers look like pretzels LoL). Figured it was worth trying.
Appreciate the input.

Can always eat some dianabol to spike E2 quickly.


Drs need to leave a small piece of the nipple with gyno surgery in order to keep the nipple from going concave. I’ve had the surgery. You can get it again.

Any thoughts on Arimidex dose at 300mg of Decca per week?

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yeah, that dose of Deca is way to high compared to your test dose. I have taken 100mg and my joints felt damn near perfect.