Questions for the Trainers

I was just wondering who out there trains people for a living.and if so what kind of schooling,certifications,background do you have.

I’m currently a trainer at Gold’s Gym in Kennesaw, GA. When I first started I got a cheap online certification because the gym wanted me to have it for liability purposes. I had played sports my whole life and competed in powerlifting as well. So it really didn’t teach me anything that I hadn’t already learned or heard about whatsoever. I got it and forgot it. I am majoring in exercise science at Kennesaw State University and they really push the ACSM certifications for personal trainers and people going into the clinical fields. I am going into strength and conditioning so I have saved money to get the NSCA’s C.S.C.S and the CSCCA’s SCCC certifications upon completion of my internship at Wakle Forest University. If you are wanting to do personal training I would say the NSCA, ACSM, and NASM are the top personal training certs out there. These certs however will not replace the experience you gain from trial and error.

my cert came through NSCA. I’d suggest that one, truthfully that’s all. The university route isn’t necessary IMO.

BS Exercise Science
Certs through Cooper Institute

Been lifting since 9th grade, went to college for accounting for 2.5 yrs. Got certified and realized this is what I was meant to do with my life.

Former Chekkie, Former 24 Hour Douche, Former ISSA…

Went to college for a week to play ball…yeah, it went THAT well. Oh, and I 'spose I might have shown up to a class or two had I stayed…but at the time, I was planning on majoring in Poly Sci. which would have meant I would’ve ended up in the public schooling system like the rest of my family.

Almost everything I know (read: believe) has been self-taught, which makes for interesting conversations when I continually fuck up pronunciations with others who actually know the correct ones…

‘Really, the ‘G’ in, L-Arginine, is pronounced as a J? Shit.’

I work full time at a refinery, but I ‘consult’ on the side. By consult, I mean that I teach people to fish theoretically…I don’t actually physically show them how to cast anymore.

I’m much better with people when I don’t actually train them in person. I’ve found that I’m able to say what I want to say and explain what I want to explain more accurately than when I pull everything from my ass.

Unless you are training athletes, real athletes, or working with rehab patients or something, marketing and getting clients is more important that what certification you have. As for good ones, I believe in CSCS and Poliquin. Otherwise, whatever.

FWIW, I have a cheap S.M.A.R.T. certification and have been reading about and practicing this stuff for a long time. I probably know more than anyone I know around my area and I am 5’10.5, 240 with upper 4 abs.

However I live in a small town, have no rep, look intimidating I imagine, and don’t like to act like most trainers who are always chatting people up with a never-ending line of bs just to get customers, so I have trouble getting clients.