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Questions for the Experts Only!!!


Hey guys,
As you all know I'm an avid ufc fighting fan. I watch all the big shows that are on spike, and never miss when any of my favorite fighters have a PRIME TIME on SPIKE! Anyways after watching GSP rain down some sweet wreckage of that guy with the red mohawk I figured I'd get myself some affliction shorts and start my journey towards fighting UFC for a career. So here are some questions I had before I actually take the time to do my own research and gain some knoweledge.

  1. I'm like the local street fighting king, but I'm worried one or two of my fights might go for more than 10 seconds (that's all it takes for me to finish bitches off on the street), so how do I get my cardio up without losing my beer gut and 21'' guns? I'm super concerned that I won't be able to spend as much time doing every eliptical machine for upper body in the gym now that I want to take UFC seriously.

  2. I'm a power puncher, but I can't KO guys like that one dude did to that English shit talker a while back. So how do I punch harder, keep in mind I'm not interested in learning how to punch 'correctly' as my punching skills already work plenty well for me. So what lifts can I do to push my punching power up? This seems to be the most obvious answer to more punching power, I mean I bet bodybuilders punch super f*cking hard!

  3. My girlfriend does that Krav Maga shit and chokes me out like twice a week (when I try to touch her boobs in her sleep), she says it's a reaction and she can't stop chocking me till I'm 'limp'. I can tell jiu jitsu guys in UFC are weeeeaaaaakkkkk when it comes to fighting, so I'm not wasting my time learning that shit, but what should I do to defend these moves when chumps catch me unawares?

  4. I'm new to this weight cutting thing, but I want to fight soon, and my buddy who wrestled in the 3rd grade says I should drop weight classes. How do I cut without losing muscle and strength. BTW my max lifts are: Bench 185 2RM, Curls 125 1RM, and tricep extension I can get 1 rep with the pin on the 5 plate. Sometimes the 6 plate stick and I can get that halfway before I have to jiggle it off.

Ok guys, let me know how you can help me. Answer my questions so you can help build the next best fighter to ever fight UFC!

The Pic is of me after I KO'd some dude who was mean mugg'n me about a year ago. NOT ON MY BLOCK BITCH!


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quality thread.

  1. First thing you have to do is buy all of the Tapout, Affliction etc. gear that you can afford. Nobody will ever believe your a REAL fighter unless you rock this stuff. Not only at the gym, but at the mall, Wal-Mart, and Chuck-e-cheese as well.

  2. Don't ever lift weights. They just make you VERY inflexible and suceptible to that weak-ass jiu jitsu.

  3. Get a big tractor tire, hit it with a sledge hammer.

  4. Maybe take some creatine. I never took it, because I didn't want to get too big. But I know someone who is friends with this guy whose cousin took it before a fight, and he said it made him RAGE!! Be careful though with this stuff though, its like legal steroids, so you might fail a drug test if you take it.


I can honestly say that there wasn't a single word in that i didn't laugh at. On a serious note 120~ is a big curl for a guy who can only bench 180~. I am no expert, but if you grow your triceps, which are used heavily in benching you will soon punch way harder.




Don't drop weight just change organizations. You can be the baddest mofo in the KFC!

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