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Questions for Steel Cut Oat Users

I love my old fashion oats for breakfast but have heard that steel cut is awesome. The problem is i dont really have the time to cook them on a stove and dont want to cook them the night before etc

My question is that if i soak them overnight or maybe 1-2 hrs in hot?/cold? water could i microwave them? I dont see a problem with it? Is soaking them even necassary for helping with microwaving?

It seems that it should work, if it isnt really feasable i guess i should just stick with my old fashion type that take me around 6-8 min in the nuker.

Any help would be great

If you have a slow cooker I believe you can cook them overnight.

my old fashion oats take 2:30 in the microwave. Steel cut are way easier to eat(a lot less chewing, basicly you can be an old fart and swallow them.)

Why do you not want to cook them the night before?

I boil up a cup of water before bed. Toss in a 1/4 cup of oats. Cover and turn off stovetop. When you get up just turn on the stovetop again and heat it up for a few minutes. Perfect every time.

If you want larger servings just add a cup of water per 1/4 cup of oats. I have noticed that too large of a serving though and this method doesn’t work. Most I do is 1/2 cup of oats (dry).

I thought about the slow cooker idea, might have to go that route. I think i am going to try to nuke em first before i try anything else though.

The reason they take me 6-8 min is that it is 2 cups worth and i like them relly super thick. I could probably turn my bowl over when they are how i like them and they wouldnt fall out lol I cant stand them any other way than super thick.

I dont really want to cook them the night before because i would be reheating them in the micro anyway and i could just stick with my old fashion if im going to do that.

I guess the only way to find out with the steel cut is to try and micro them and see what happens.