Questions for Silverback

What would you consider the top posterior chain exercises for football players?

What type of speed/speed endurance/agility training would
recommend for a wide receiver?


The best posterior chain exercise is a tough one due to the fact that linemen use a different type of strength primarily than WR’s… or they must rely more on strength speed than speed-strength. Since you are a wide receiver then you have two huge strengths needed by your hamstrings. They must be strong concentrically for acceleration, but they must be even stronger eccentrically to decelerate and change direction.

I guess I would ask you to tell me what equipment you have available to you. Do you have: reverse hyper, GHR, Low pulley, towing sled?

These are all very useful in helping along your rear chain. I personally think that the reverse hyper is extraordinary due to the similarity in muscle recruitment to running, and its rehabilitory ability. This second part is so very important to me because I spend a good deal of time in the squat rack, and doing Trap Bar Deads. While my back is strong, I trust Louie to know what’s the best way to keep a healthy low back.

I also recommend stiff deads, RDL’s and Good Mornings, along with Lunges, circle lunges, and step-ups… so I am not sure I have a favorite.

I guess you can say my favorite exercises are the full squat, the reverse hyper and GHR, and Trap Bar Deads, alonge with some Uni-Lateral work like Lunges (Dynamic or walking) or step-ups. I also like low pulley lunges on an unstable surface due to the need for WR’s to decelerate.

The key is that any one of these exercise will work you rear chain well, but are you working them well?

I terms of conditioning for the WR, CT and I were discussing this back and forth in another thread about 6 weeks ago. You can try to find it there. I am from the Charlie Francis school of thinking, but really rely heavily on a very tough GPP period to lay a solid foundation.

If you are in track, then you will need to double peak with the first peak ending with special endurance work centering around your race distances, and the second ‘peak’ developing anaerobic endurance to help you run 50-60 plays per game. If you aren’t in track then you get an extra acelleration phase.

I use the following emphasis for each phase:

Track State Meet
Active Recovery (1-2 Weeks)
7-Max Speed
8-Agility / AnaerobicEnd
9-Agility / AnaerobicEnd

Day1- Phase Emphasis / Lift
Day2- Intensive Tempo, Mobility, Extended Stretch
Day3- Max Accel / Lift
Day4- Extensive Tempo, Mobility, Extended Stretch
Day5- Lift & Extended Stretch

Often On Fridays, before lifting, we will do Mat Drlls or something else that is fun incorporating tumbling and contact with the ground.

If you split Upper/Lower, then

Day1- Phase Emphasis / Lift Lower
Day2- Intensive Tempo / Lift Upper
Day3- Mobility, Extended Stretch
Day4- Max Accel / Lift Lower
Day5- Extensive Tempo / Lift Upper & Extended Stretch

I actually have an article on this very topic. This past year, the top two receivers in my offense caught 168 passes for nearly 2000 yards. I was a WR myself. One WR would never lift and wasn’t ultra fast 4.6, but has the innate ability to stop in 4 steps from controlled top speed…try it. The other WR was the second fastest guy in the Shriner Combine last year with a 4.36 forty…he ran that twice. He was a mid 4.6 guy when I got him in tenth grade. But, he embraced training. These guys benefitted from going to a high school that hired me to consult with their head football coach about offense and his training program. I happened to live in Charlotte at the time, and word got out to their boosters about the work I was doing with some local athletes. I still talk with their head coach a couple times a week, and am helping them re-design their weightroom.

Phil, if you PM me, I will give you my number, and I will send you something based on your equipment. I won’t charge you for a phone consult because you are are a WR, but I can’t do this for everybody. It isn’t fair to me, or the other coaches who contribute here. I will merely give you the program O-High is doing, but with your weightroom capabilities, and your exercise knowledge. How does that sound…fair? This will be fatser for me than typing out something worth a crap here. I type fast, but need too much more info from you to really write something worthy of your sweat and effort.

It is a very good program, and it is designed for each grade’s training age. O-High has 4 kids signed so far this year, and is waiting for the lower level D1 and DII schools to finalize their offers. They anticipate 3 more full signees, and maybe some partials in the next couple weeks. So this is no slouchy program. I offer you that because I literally just sent them 2 more months based on feedback. They just finished GPP…hehe.

I just do not have time to do more. I am taking 3 MBA classes right now, work full-time as a business analyst, and train a handful of clients. This is besides for my consulting work… my wife works for the NCAA and travels all the time, or I’d probably be divorced due to neglect. I am stuck doing the analyst work due to my following my wife here with her job. I have yet to take the time to find a gym where I can train athletes along with the fat secretaries. It is just easier to get a job working numbers, and slowly build a client base. Indy has been a tough place to find a good training facility.

So Phil, PM me and I will send you something to work with… kool? I have to sleep now, because I start at 6:30 am tomorrow.

Talk soon.

Lil Coach H

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