Questions for PT's and ATC's

I am working on a health education philosophy paper for an intro to Health Education class. My question is this…How does your own philosophy of health relate to the position you have?

I directed this question towards Pt’s and ATC’s because that is the field I am working towards entering. Thanks in advance.

One more try before this post slips off into archived nothingness… any help?

i don’t even really understand what you mean by the question, I can’t see anyone making a real effort to help if they can’t make sense from the question.

Sorry for the lack of clarity. For the purposes of this class there are five predominant health education philosopies:

1)Behavior Change Philosophy - using behavioral contracts, goal setting and self-monitiring to change unhealthy habits in clients.

2)Cognitve-based Philosophy - focusing on content and factual information.

3)Decision-making philosophy - case studies, scenarios that require decisions seeking the best approach possible to the problem

4)Freeing/Functioning Philosophy - ultimate goal is to “free” people to make best choices for personal health based on their needs and interests.

5)Social Change Philosophy - emphasized the role of health education in creating social change benefiting the health of groups and individuals.

Most people are an amalgamation of these philosopies. However, having these philosophies in mind, which one would you find most similar to your own philosophy? And how does this philosophy play out in your work?

I hope this is a little clearer…