Questions For People Who Have Crashed Their E2 Levels

I have a few questions for those who have crashed their e2 levels.

How low did your E2 levels go?

How long did it take to recover?

Did anything help you raise your levels?

I have searched on this and other forums and all I can see is that people have either upped their test dose, which for me any test only makes everything so much worse (think of an anxiety attack that lasts for the entire day, only Xanax or a boat load of alcoholic beverages seem to calm down for like 8 days) , Taken a huge amount of HCG (not sure if this works), and or added more DHEA-Pregnenolone, which I have started to do but is not having that much of an impact.

Back Story

Back on May23rd I crashed my e2, was @ 9 on the sensitive test <=29 , then took of anastrozole on the 26th, thought the symptoms I was having were signs of elevated E2 levels (got the results back from my blood test a few days later). Have been through hell the past couple months, Anxiety that cripples and lasts all day, Fatigue, Insomnia, Dry Skin. July 11th had another blood test run and my E2 levels were @ 11and still having milder Anxiety, Fatigue, Insomnia, Dry Skin.

I dropped mine to 8 on the non-sensitive with 1/4 mg twice a week. 2 mg at once was more than a little bit of overkill. I was asymptomatic, without the blood test I would have been completely unaware of how low it was, but I know drinking a couple of beers will help bring it back up.