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Questions for Mormons

  1. Why do some of you knock on my door, I tell you I am not interested and then come knock on it again a month later.

  2. Why is it that everytime I am at a friends and they agree to talk to you, you always want to come around dinner?

If you have answer's for these questions or questions of your own post them here.


LOL, this has potential.


I was going to start a thread like this, but I'd prefer if people pm'd me their questions so that I could avoid other people trying to give their answers instead.

That said,

  1. Missionaries are assigned to different areas, and every 4-6 weeks there's an opportunity for a change in missionaries. We don't always keep records of where we knock doors, so sometimes the same street gets "tracted" fairly often. Advice: tell them to put this street in their Area Book as a place not to go knock.

  2. Nighttime sucks in the states for missionaries. If we don't have appointments to meet with people we're basically left with the option of continuing to knock on doors (which pisses people off even more around and after dinner time), going to a park and walking around where no one will be out and those who are run away from us.

Like I said, if people want to have their own discussion about Mormons, have it here, but if you want to ask a Mormon, pm me. It's just easier.


Heavens no!

Aside from the face that you are from BYU (everybody hates you!!! lol) you seem like a pretty cool cat.

This would be a good place for all the LDS questions to happen out in the open.


True, but things generally get out of hand pretty quickly. Once people start quoting the Journal of Discourses like it's doctrine, people start quoting career apostates like they know more than I do, and then other people who aren't Mormons answering questions for me, it just gets tedious to clean up and handle things. I'm fine to try, but I will take extra special care to make sure it's clear what things are my opinion, what is official doctrine, and what is wild speculation (even from General Authorities).

But yeah, I guess... ask away!


Dude, it's just like any other religious discussion on these boards. Just keep in mind many will be playing the devils advocate just to get a rise out of you.


It just wouldn't be the same if people weren't dicks...

Predictable responses:
"God doesn't exist you idiot!"
"God exists, but you are going to hell because you don't follow my religion"

Those two themes are sure to follow.
As for me, peace be on you. I got no issues with Mormon's and if you knock on my door I will be glad to hand you a non-caffeinated drink.


At one time I owned personal copies of the book of mormon, doctrine and covenants and the pearl of great price ranging back the 19th century. Lotsa other stuff too. Read McConkie's book from cover to cover. (Along with the Tanners massive work as well =] ). Fawn Brody's "No Man Knows My History" is a must read. Absolute must. Whatever else may be said about ol Joe, he was one unbelievably fascinating character.


I let the Kid handle the heavy lifting as I am not Mormon...just surrounded by them.

The LDS scrips do not ban caffeinated beverages, just HOT caffeinated beverages.


Sooo, what do Mormons like to eat?

I think I should have something in the freezer now, anyone who travels to the atheist wasteland that is Europe deserves better than to walk in the park until they can go back home.


Welcome to my world.


I slip caffeine pills into the water myself. Or, they just take a coke out of the fridge. That is a good question though, some Mormons nay on the caffeine others drink it, is one being strict or is the other one not following the rules?


See what I said above.


So, no coffee?


Does a sign on your front door that says "Please don't bother me, Mormons" keep them away?


If I saw someone that was so rude, I'd steal their sign and shit on their doorstep.


Correct....but bring on the DIET COKE!!!


LOL. Well that definitely isn't the way to convince people to convert...




I'm not Mormon, but I still know decency.