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Questions for Me


I've received several emails concerning training and nutrition in the past half year that I can't answer because my ability to send messages has been removed. For what? I don't know.

So if you have questions for me, you have to post them here.


Okay, this is something I was about to post as a topic but I guess here is as good as place as anywhere. When lifting for bodybuilding purposes (or even just strength purposes I guess) should there be any pause between reps? Like right now, I might bang out 5-7 reps (with a quick breath in between reps) without any pause but then I will stop and take a few seconds rest before I do another rep (to kind of catch my breath, reset, whatever), then take another few seconds pause before doing another rep, and I keep doing this until I hit my desired reps (usually 10-12). So is this method as effective for building muscle as just doing all 10-12 reps with no pause in between, even if I must lower the weight slightly to make up for the loss of rest? Would this apply to all lifts (lifts as big as squat and as small as bicep curl)?