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Questions for Guys on TRT

  1. WHat is the highest weekly injectable dose of test your doc has put you on?

  2. I think I need an anti estrogen. What are some good arguments to present besides my nipples are itchy/puffy, I’m still emotional and I am still experiencing ED problems after 4wks of test therapy? I’m not sure if my blood work will be out of the “normal” range.

This is just my opinion, but I think “convincing” your doctor that you need an AI is a complete waste of time and totally unnecessary. You can buy Anastrozole (which is what he would be prescribing if he prescribed Arimidex) legally over the internet for $60 for a year’s supply. Why bother with the aggravation of trying to convince someone who simply isn’t qualified to be doing TRT in the first place? PM me for a source.

  1. 200 mg/week of T-cyp, and my TT stay around 1000-1050.
  2. You KNOW you need an anti-estrogen. Good arguments can be found at All things male.com by Dr. John Crisler. He is well respected in the HRT/TRT field, and printing out info from his site and taking it to your doctor may do the trick.
    The “dog” is right. The longer you wait, the longer your “welcome to hell” lasts. Your prostrate and your woman will be both be grateful. So will you. PM if you need anything else.