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Questions for gear vets and gurus

I am young and learning. I lean against aas for anyone around my age (anyone in their 20’s or younger) because I do not know how much abuse the human testies can take.

Is there any research or any real world testament to weather or not our balls have a shelf life regaruarding how many times they can go throught shut down and then being jump started back into action via HCG, clomid, or any other drugs that can do this?

Any help with this question for me and my young T-brotheren would be greatly appreciated.


But I’m sure there’s plenty of opinions.

As long as you do things RIGHT and not STUPID, the chances of side effects are almost nil.

The concept behind using relatively low dose HCG while on only is to keep the testicles from atrophying in the first place. Then clom or nolv should help you stimulate your own production of LH in turn stimulating test again.
If you allow shutdown and atrophy because you avoid using HCG then not only do your testicles need to start producing T and responding to LH they also need to bounce back from the atrophy.
Nobody knows how many times and for how long you can shut yourself down and come back. It seems as though it is harder to come back from shutdown as you get older. Also, the length of time on matters. I believe bill R. used to say that 2 weeks is a sort of superficial suppression, 8 weeks is suppression at the pituitary and 12 weeks is suppressive at the hypothalamus and requires the longest to come back. Much of this is theory, well thought out but still theory and not known as an exact science in the real world. Individual variations are something I’ve seen in the real world. Guys who bounce right back from very suppressive cycles and guys who shut down hard and long from milder ones.

Yes, the trick is not allowing your testes to atrophy in the first place by using hcg. Unused tissue tends to be turned into collegen by the body (scar tissue). That being said there are people who have had one testicle removed and still have normal testosterone levels so your testicles can take some damage and still perform!

Thanks a lot for the quick replys. I still wont be starting a cycle for many years to come but, the knowledge I gain from the vets on this forum will deffinantly help me and many others in the future. Keep the knowledge flowing.

Well blue dreamer, that normally probably happens with age.
after every cycle I’ve experienced perfect recovery. In fact, both before, during, and after cycle I’ve never had less that an insane sex drive.

I believe some of your ‘fears’ are not realistic. Please provide some/any real evidence of reduced t production after every cycle.

And remember, it’s easier, not harder to recover from steroid use when you are young! The boys are just raring to produce T so it’s not as hard to come back after a cycle! Especially if you use when you are in your 40s or something.

good responses scrappy and p22. right on the money. i have and always will use and promote hcg use throughout cycles.