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Questions for First Cycle

Hello everyone currently i am 20 years old and at 6’3 im weighting about 265. My BF was last measured at 17 percent. I am 100 percent dedicated into lifting and although i know the dangers and possible negative effects i feel that i would be responsible enough too try running my first cycle.

I really think if theres something to aid in my progression i want to try it. The problem is i have been receiving information from people i know at the gym and they all seem to me, stupid ideas.

So If anyone would could i get your opinion on the subject and if you think i should try and have any personal information please PM me as i honestly would not feel comfortable making a cycle on my own without someone who knows alot about it helping me out.

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be patient,stay 100% dedicated to lifting,do alot of searching and googling into the subject look into pros and cons of both.
you will be ready soon enough,or you may even find its not the choice for you.

either way do not try anything right now.
thats my opinion

Thanks for your responses guys. yeah its been a big debate with myself whether or not i want too but you made a real valid point that i know very little about creating a cycle and that means im not ready at all.

I will wait a few more years and read everything i can, hopefully with more information i can make a better decision. Thanks guys