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Questions for Experienced Users


I am doing my research for my personal quest to see if gear is right for me. I have many questions but will start out with a few.

I was looking to use a cycle once a year the basic starter test e gear kit. My question is-

Is a cycle addicting like lets just say "crack" or will the once a year be within limits of most peoples addiction?

Second question-
I am 39 married and have 3 kids. I worry about the anger issues of test. I do get pissed at times with kid issues and when my old lady nags me. I would never hurt anyone but I can get loud when backed into a corner. I dont want to do a cycle and turn into the incredible hulk type and loose my wife because the test e messed me up. Based on what I described can you guys describe any issues you had or advice?


you sound very uneducated in AAS in general. Do more research, remove the name from your post, realize that AAS has no addiction like "crack"


Haha yea what game said. If you do get have problems controling your anger then test is just going to make it worse. In order to use gear you need to have complete control over your emotions. Also if too much test aromatizes you may have to deal with the up and down emotional issues. If I were you id do some more research.


For me test only gives me a sense of well being. The times I am stirred up, I asses the situation, and have no problem staying calm.

Like it's been said, if you can't control your emotions off cycle, you won't be able to control them on cycle.

You need a lot more research.

You may also want to review the different types of 'addiction.'


Game over I am in the correct forum right??
I am asking for answers from experienced users and not some dough head who likes to talk shit on the internet. So if you have the knowledge thats why I have come to you. I am doing my research and asking questions, reading what I find.

Thank you for your answer about AAS not being super addicting.

Also I will keep researching.


yay! i'm a dough head ha i'll reiterate what i said before...do more research before you come asking questions wanting to be spoon fed (dough in my case) there is a awesome search function and some very valuable stickies created by some uber-knowledgeable vets on here use them. thank you come again



As far as the anger issue goes, I actually think it's a good sign that at least you recognize it and are concerned. The few occasions where I've observed what some might call 'roid rage' were with people who made no effort to control their temper; alcohol was also a factor.

And I've never been addicted to anything in my life, but there have definitely been times where I'd think to myself, "Damn, I wish I was on right now." lol

You are on the right track man just keep reading. Ultimately only you can be the judge of whether or not it's right for you. There's a ton of info regarding proper cycling, drug choices, etc. in the stickies at the top of the forum.


GAME-I guess you took my last post wrong. WTF!!!
I am at work trying to research and learn, only I am blocked from various sites. I have read the sticky's.

Whoa, thanks for the honest answer. I have never been addicted to anything either but have always feared being owned by a substance. It sounds like its more like a desire for a steak and beer type temptation.

My plan is not to jump into this for at least another year. I plan to be very knowlegable before I consider.


For what it's worth I took it as you calling Gameover a dough head as well. Be clearer next time.

If you expect people to have patience with 'newb questions' it is only fair to have patience when people give you a little shit for it. No one here is getting paid to do this, gotta have some fun every now and then.


As far as the addiction goes there is no physical addiction like crack but there is a psychological one. Whenever you are off 99% of the time you wish you were on.

I don't mean to scare you or spread any false info, but I highly doubt you will use the "one cycle a year" approach. If you have easy access to it, you will want more.

Be smart, cycle safely, recover correctly and there is nothing to fear from steroids.


I have only ever once exhibited a behavior to another person that I wouldn't have otherwise, from increased aggression on anabolic steroids.

Perhaps surprisingly, the drug in question was oxandrolone. At 150 mg/day, though. (I wanted to see what would happen as, remarkably enough, there is a case in the medical literature of an athlete claiming using this amount, or more precisely a reported gram per week self-administered, and remarkable results being found. So it seemed worthwhile to check into it. By the way, my conclusion was that he probably was not really using only oxandrolone.)

No big deal, but at the Post Office I did exhibit obvious anger at an employee. Not enough to cause a problem of any sort, but not something I'd consider acceptable on my part.

Generally speaking, anyone should be able to control any increased tendencies -- and that is the key word -- towards aggression from anabolic steroids.

As for "addiction," there is no mechanism wherein the body experiences some extreme shift requiring more of the drug. That is not to say that a person may not be so pleased with the results that it seems stupid to him to not, after a reasonable "off" time, add to their accomplishments.


Fair enough Bone, Thanks setting me straight.

Game-I wanted your and others with credible knowledge help. My appoligies

Waylanderxx and Bill I appreciate the comments. From what I have read you are well respected. Money is a issue for me raising a family, so I was worried about the getting hooked factor. I would like to do this under the wife radar. I am interested in gear for its healing properties. I really enjoy strength routines and at 39 my shoulders sometimes hurt.


I haven't been married, though was engaged for three years and living together. Not that that is the same. Certainly I've corresponded with many who were married and considering or dealing with this issue.

I have to tell you that my own opinion and findings -- even though from a lesser state from being married -- and I think unanimous opinion of everyone else who's opinion I learned was the "under the radar" is out of the question.

If it's not acceptable with her knowledge, then it isn't worth doing.


Oh, and on healing properties:

There is indeed some use, but there's no cure-all to be sure. I wish there was: my left shoulder is not doing so well. But what anabolic steroids are supposed to do for nerve impingement or for muscle tightness or for limited range of motion, I have no idea.

For aiding repair of tears, yes.


I have to agree with BR on the marriage issue.

I have not been married.

AAS use is not something you hide from your significant other, whether she is your wife or girlfriend. If you can't educate her, you should earn her trust in you being educated. If you can't do either of these, you shouldn't be using.

Her finding out you were trying to sneak something like ASS past her only makes her view on steroid use worse.


Game, good mate of mine, a dough head? Where's my memo? (looks through paperwork on desk/kitchen table) Firstly, crack is a dirty vile drug that is sometimes made by idiot trailer trash crack fiends in their bathrooms. I WOULD NOT hold AAS in the same light as crack.

Secondly, theres is a blatant lack of stats in your post. That coupled with an verbal insult to an established member, well, doesn't start you off on the right foot.


chemically NO, mentally YES. I can't seem to stop LOL

it will make you a moody little dickhead, sometimes I cant even stand myself. So honestly, just my 2 cents, if you have a family don't do it. You're 39, research TRT, it might be more suitable and lower dosages = lesser side effects mood swings etc


WOW LOL Maybe my next question should be why does AAS make men so sensitive? LOL

Growing_boy I never called your MATE(WOW) a doughhead. I will explain again I asked for help from experienced users so I dont get replies from those not in the know ie... a doughhead. I was explaining why I did not want to change the name EXPERIENCED from my post as game sugested.

What stats do you want? 5'9" 180lbs 15%
bf, ugly, bald, old, married, father, son, brother, uncle, fish, hunt, 6 MMA bouts, 3 kickboxing bouts, 3 yrs Judo, 3 yrs TKD, 4 yrs freestyle Karate, eat pretty clean, mostly organic, take vitamins, creatine, protein powder, glutamine, fish oil, chromium, drink lots of milf, love and hate squats and I dont like it but I allways find myself starting off on the LEFT foot!!!


You "drink" lots of milf?

Screwing lots of milfs would be one thing, but drinking lots of milf, I'm not sure about.


Thanks, you guys have helped me alot in one post with some burning questions I had. It seems that this may not be for me, I have been called a hot head. You guys are right on about the wife thing. She would not go for it and it would be a battle if I started a cycle. It would most likely make me a yelling machine once she started nagging me.