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Questions for Double Contest Cycle

hello guys, lets straight to the questions.
but first let me describe my goal and last fail show
im 8 weeks out and 11 weeks out from my local show.
my last contest prep was a disaster, im still pinning on the show day (it was tprop and tren ace) the result is im holding lots of water. that was nightmare lol. i just wanna forget that failure but learn from that.

now i have 2 shows coming up. 8 weeks out which is 12 november and the other one is 11 weeks out which is 3 december.

some people on another forum said that you need to drop injection 4 days out for short acting ester such as ace and prop while prepping for contest and some says 7-10 days out.

im currently running tren ace 350/wk, tprop 350/wk, winstrol 350/wk, adex 0.5mg eod and clen 2 weeks out ed. im gonna up the adex to 1mg ed 1 week out.
the first question is if i drop the aas 4-10 days out will i lost the hardening and vascularity effect on the show day? or any best scenario?

the second question is, im planning to run the same thing again on 12 dec prior to my next show, exact same dosage.
is it gonna be a waste? since the aas is clearing out from my system and im building the aas from the beginning again, since it takes more than 4 weeks to feel the result (my logic, correct me if im wrong)

and im planning to blast and cruise for the rest because i want to turn pro. the last question is,
if my last injection is 29 november which is 4 days out and i continue running sustanon 250/wk on 4 december (start cruising) will i get shutted down on the early days and losing my gains and libido? im gonna cruise for 8 weeks and blast again early february.