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Questions for Coach Davies

These last few days you’ve really given a lot of valuable advice and piqued the interest of a lot of t-mag readers. I have a couple of questions.
1. What is a burpee?
2. I know you recommend a very high volume of work each week. Just wondering what a typical weeks training schedule looks like for your athletes. I’m sure it varies depending on the situation but just a rough outline. How many workouts per day and what type of workouts (strength, speed, endurance etc.) recovery methods, and how many rest days per week etc.
Thanks in advance

I will try to answer this to some degree. Bare in mind that this is a huge question, that is usually handled in my teaching/mentor program.
Burpee’s are also known as “up-downs” or “squat thrusts” - does that help? Let me know, because I will put a picture in the next article if not. I don’t how to say this other than the truth, my training weeks are evil, but highly controlled. Typically sprint volumes for range from 6-10,000 yards over a 5 day week schedule. Total workouts do not exceed 11 hours per week. A great quality program like Clemson or Northwestern will just terrorize there athletes in a single session and get it down in roughly 2 hours. A very important point to understand in my workouts is the complete lack of downtime. You will not get more than 45 seconds at any time, bring your water but you will not get a chance to stop. In many instances rest is 10 seconds, just enough time to turn around. This is done for numerous reasons but one of the greatest is that my athletes learn to deal in chaos. My athletes are so accustomed challenges that overcoming adversity in battle is significantly easier for them. That is basically a military theory that I adopted for my athletes a long time ago and seems to be the best explanation why my athletes win. As I stated this is a positively HUGE topic. I have an article coming out shortly in t-mag that will hopefully help you all. If you so wish, feel free to ask questions here and I will attempt to answer.

In faith,

Coach Davies

You didn’t have to tell me what a Burpee is. I remember those aweful thinks from grade school and highschool football. :slight_smile:

Fellow t-men,

Im an athlete under coach Davies, for about four weeks now. When his article comes out many of you will see what we go through in a workout. His workouts are, will be the hardest thing you’ll ever do if you give it a try(which I suggest you do, it will test your manhood). The rest periods are short and the volume is high but effective. It can benefit everyone specially those looking to get shredded because it will burn a lot of weight off. I eat tons a food everyday and have not gained a pound of fat (currently 5% BF) the only thing I have gained is ridiculous strength and speed. PEACE.

Hi. I was just skimming over the posts and thought I’d chime in. The workouts Coach Davies advocates are done 5 days a week with jumping rope, gpp, sprints and weights done back to back. You suck air during the workouts and suck water after the workouts because as Coach Davies has said you get hardly any rest at all. I know many people say that Coach Davies may overtrain his athletes, but if this is the case, his athletes must also overtrain inseason also. In short, the workouts simulate a game or practice greater than other protocols I’ve done or seen. Anyways, I gotta go. Hope this helps.

Hey - we’re just in the “phase-in” period men. We havn’t gotten ugly yet. Seriously, you two are doing a great job - just been ruthless with yourself. And A.B.- you’re local, wait till I get home and I get you training with some of my boys~then the nasty stuff starts.

In faith, Coach Davies

Coach Davies, it sounds like you are really working those boys! If only the rest of us were lucky enough to have someone like you to train us!

But I am interested in knowing how the non-athlete should set up training. Since many of us have full-time jobs and other commitments, what would you recommend we do as far as number of weight training days and other activities (GPP, sprinting, etc). How many days a week, duration, splits, etc. This would be quite helpful for many of us! Thanks!

Nate Dogg-fill me in on how much time you have to train, your goals and general basics of equipment and surroundings. Remember I teach a “back-to-basics” program, so you might be surprised. If you like fill me in on the your training schedule and we can try a few things on a daily basis. As I may have noted, there is an article coming out that details the strength side of Day 1, Week 1 of this summers workouts.

In faith,
Coach Davies

Coach, I hit the weights Mon, Wed, Fri after work. I warmup, stretch and hit the weights. My entire workout takes just over an hour. After that, I go home, suck down my Surge and then begin cooking dinner, shower, errands, chores, etc. until bed.

So I don't have much more time on those days for other activities. I leave Tues, Thurs, and weekends open for anything other than weight training. So I could train after work on Tues and Thurs and then something else on the weekends. I typically have 1-2 hours available to train each day. Because I tend to train right after work (5pm). My problem is figuring out how to set things up and what to do. I could easily weight train Mon, Wed, Fri and then do some of your GPP and bodyweight exercises on Tues, Thurs and Sat. I usually leave my weekends open for fun stuff (beach, springs, frisbee, mountain biking or something like that). So should I train Mon-Fri with weights and GPP? And leave weekends open for fun activities? Or should I train everyday? Should I combine GPP or bodyweight exercises with my weight training? Or can/should they be done on separate days? I guess one option would be to do my weight workouts Mon, Wed, Fri and follow them with things such as Farmer's walks with dumbbells, bent side presses and other odd lifts. Then I could do specific GPP and bodyweight exercises Tues and Thurs. Would you recommend something like that?

I just want to get the most out of my training without spending an excessive amount of time in the gym. Between work, daily chores/errands, friends and relationships, I always seem pressed for time. I know you had said that your athletes train five days a week and no more than 11 hours each week. I could probably do something similar if I trained for two hours a day (Mon-Fri). Any ideas for the little Nate Dogg? Thank you for your help!

Coach Davies, I’ve made some revisions since I last posted this. So here is what I’m thinking so far. I’ll be training Mon-Fri. I’ll use the jump rope warmup every day prior to all workouts alternating program A (pushups, chins) with program B (star jumps, burpees). On Mon, Wed, Fri I’ll be doing my weight workout (Convergent Phase Training). I’ll end each workout with a finisher (farmer’s walks, side bent press, overhead squats or walking squats) for a few sets. Then I’ll go home and suck down my Surge, shower, cook dinner, etc.

On Tues and Thursday, I’ll do a specific GPP and bodyweight workout. I’ll again use the jump rope warmup followed by various complexes (star jumps, burpees, etc.) and sprints. I would like to use sled pulling/dragging and wheelbarrow walks, but I currently don’t have access to those things. So if you have other ideas for my Tues, Thurs workouts, that would be very useful.

I’ll reserve weekends for fun activities (mt. biking, in-line skating, swimming, etc). That way, I’ll be able to have fun with friends and do things outside. And I’ll still be staying active, but not necessarily pushing myself to the extreme like my Mon-Fri workouts. How does that sound?

Nate Dogg-I like your enthusiasm but I think I am going to suggest a few different things to your plan and actually delve deeper into your training. I need you to understand the smallest elements so that you can see the full picture. Not only is your goal is develop strength and yes functional strength but I also want to attack your development with a renewed vigor and take the first steps to harmonize your explosive power with balance & control. Try to give me an idea of how much time you have available in daily training. Because I am going to post this workout on this post (likely Sunday afternoon), I would suggest others to comment about training periods so that we can collectively work together. Also everyone who wishes - please do not hesitate to tell me the complete truth - do you want the full nasty package. I look forward to all participants - get ready!
In faith,
Coach Davies

Coach Davies, I would like to see the “whole nasty package”. Even if I don’t have the balls to attack it full on, I could surely learn from it and bastardize it so that it is not completely overwhelming. I do nothing but lift now, so anything I add is going to be an improvement. I want to fight in the toughman contest in January, and I definitely need to start focusing on functional strength. Thanks for all of the time you devote to us here.

doogie - you may have just noted why I dont work with every NCAA program in the country. Because they feel some need to bastardize it. Once someone decides to do that the intergrity of work is destroyed and effectiveness dwindles. (2) My programs are large, this isnt a Monday through Friday thing. One of my teams programs this off-season was nearly 500 pages of print and virtually all programs. (3)We are trying to accomplish this through articles in t-mag. But if you have specific questions, ask them here or email me.
In faith,
Coach Davies

Coach Davies, I have two hours to train (mon-fri). Will I be able to do my current weight training program (CPT - mon, wed, fri) and still incorporate your ideas? I’m looking forward to your ideas into my workout being able to “harmonize my explosive power with balance & control.” Thank you again for all your help. I hope to see the big picture when you post the workout Sunday.

Nate-I might have already tackled this in another post but I am planning to put together some training sessions for you. I have no idea how you are going to attempt to amalgamate one training philosophy with another.
In faith,
Coach Davies