Questions for Christian


  1. The webinar link had a code to a discount for Boston…but I don’t see the seminar on ThibArmy or here? Am I going blind?? Also, what type of seminar is it? Is it more for gym rats / coaches, or both? I’ll be in the US for work stuff 2 weeks before, so will hang on for it.

  2. If you do 4 week fat loss blast (very high volume / calorie restriction) & 1 week maintenance, could you drop the non lifting (cardio/conditioning) working back to Week 1 levels? Or is it best to majorly reduce it? This and this are very underrated articles.

  3. For the maintenance cycle, is there any “tips” to improve metabolic rate, besides ACV?


What do you mean by ACV? I’m asking for those who are also interested in following your thread.

You might want to email his Thibarmy address - they’re lightning fast on getting you taken care of on these things

Go to my instagram account, in my bio, in the linktree

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I’m going to go ahead and after myself up, I’m new to this forum/site and have been using Chad Wesley Smith’s juggernaut training powerbuilding program for a few years now. Are there any offerings here such as juggernaut? One, I’m bored, two, as much as the staff at Juggernaut tries I simply do not think they fully grasp an over 50 lifter.