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Questions for Chris T.

Sorry to call you Christy, but I don’t want to butcher the last name. Let’s get to them!

  1. Power Look- Once a week as an all encompassing back routine? Or do the lats need more work?

  2. Supercompensation- I need this put in my terms. A few weeks ago I performed day one of renegade bodybuilding after completeing GG so I hadn’t worked the legs hard in forever. My legs were unbelieveably sore, like every step hurt. Supercompensation rules say I shouldn’t take off too long and should work out sore so I don’t detrain correct? Is it wise to think one day heavy and hard, the time same muscle group lighter and higher reps if really sore?

  3. Shock microcycles, I’ve read your article on shock microcycles, can you give an example of the lifts, sets, and reps used during one, and when should these be implemented?

Look, I don’t mean to bitch, but is it that hard to just look up how to spell his last name? Pronounciation is one thing, but typing it out is quite another. (It’s Thibaudeau, btw.)

I don’t mind being calld Chris T, actually I like it! In fact, in the betting circles I’m kown as “The Tib” but that’s a long story!

The pronounciation is quite hard because its a french name. It’s pronounced Tee-bow-doh BTW.

I’ll get back to your 3 questions a bit later on. Right now I’m teaching a class (biomechanics) … and I just came to check my messages durng the break.

Have you forgotten about this Chris?