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Questions for Chris Shugart

Hey Hoss, I have a couple quick questions for you:

  1. Have you thought about an interview with Matt Furey or Brooks Kubik? They’re hardcore old-school t-men, I’m sure they’d have a lot of appeal to the readers and a lot of interesting things to say. Or maybe even an article from them.
  2. I know this is Tim P.'s department and not your area, but I gotta ask: any idea on what the price might be on the Biotest prot. bars?
    If you have no clue, that’s cool. Just curious is all.
  3. is the Fat Fast support group still up, because I can’t find it anywhere. Should I start a new one?
  1. Brooks was the first person I ever contacted for an interview with T-mag. We exchanged a couple of e-mails, but since he’s also a busy attorney, we lost touch and never got around to doing the interview. I talked to Matt the other day and he’s sending me several products for our “Stuff We Like” column. An interview with him might be interesting. I’ll keep it in mind. 2) No sure on the Biotest bars. Tim will keep everyone updated on the latest in BTS. 3) The Fat Fast support group could probably be found with a search, but the search engine is down right now. I’d just start a new one if you want.

I second the request for the interview with Brooks Kubik. I think it would be interesting to hear what he has to say. I have to say I really enjoyed reading “Dinosaur Training” and I love doing some of the finishers he writes about like sandbag carries, etc.

Brooks was the first person you ever contacted for an inetrview? Wow, great minds DO think alike