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Questions for Charles Staley

I’ve combined EDT with CPT in my training, and have a couple of questions I hope you could answer…

If one wants to have some element of absolute strength effect in the program, could one select e.g. a 5RM weight and follow the same outline?

And considering that one wants to minimize conflicting training goals, maybe it’s adviceable to select a shorter time interval, e.g. 10mins for absolute strength training in EDT?

Since I live in Europe and don't have the chance to attend one of your seminars - any other way I can aquire more information on your Q2 system? More articles expected, or maybe a phone consultation is adviced?


Borge A. Fagerli, BSc
Trondheim, Norway

For the Tuesday: Lower Body/Trunk workout, there is only one movement listed. A-2 is swiss ball crunches. Was there supposed to be an A-1, or should I just do 20 min of ball crunches?

I noticed that also could someone please help

Charles reccomended in a post to use a machine based squat movement(like hack squats) …so you can still perform wile fatigued…hope this helps…Mike

he commented on this in another post. I’m not sure what the subject was, I cant get the search function to work on here anyway but it was only a few days ago I think so just go through and I think you’ll find it. Someone else made the post but Staley responded a couple times I think

Hey guys I found it back a couple pages so I’ll post what he wrote.

Charles Stayley wrote-"Sorry for the screw-up guys…A-1: should be some sort of machine squat, such as a hack squat or one of those pendulum squat machines…just something that you can do relatively safely while fatigued…my choice would be a hack squat, so let’s go with that… "

Bumping for replies from Mr. Staley - or anyone else who has attended one of his seminars…