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Questions for Alwyn Cosgrove.


man this guy is harder to reach then the presdient , so i figure i would start a post hoping he see this or anyone who already would know what Alwyn would say could help me...

  1. Alwyn , alot of your products you offer are on weight training ,and i think there great, im just wondering your on sight with nutrition? do you offer any products that cover this topic , do you recomend any books or articles on this topic. i read the new rules to lifting but it seemed like i needed more info on the nutrition side.

  2. im curious to where i should go after completeing the new rules to lifting , i mean how do i know how to make my own programs with sucess , would the program design manuel be first choice, or is that for trainewrs only? , also i see you have afterburn? and the cosgrove training program cd's? was hopeing you could guide me on this one.

  3. i need to develope flexability and need to find the best way to warm up before training wth out hindering my strength and muscle size. i was looking into Eric Cressey's dvd, any thoughts on it?

  4. how do you feel about cardio in gerenal for weight loss and health and even strength training?

hopefully you can help me with these questions they would mean everything to me , you have changed the whole way i thing about training and i thank you for that ,

God bless and Good health



Afterburn has a basic sample fat loss diet in it as does Human Inferno.

I think there are other people out there who do a better job in the nutrition area than I do. I like Tom Incledon, John Berardi, Eric Serrano, Chris Mohr, Dave Barr and Lyle Mcdonald's material.

You asked me this already. It's a 52 week program. Why are you worried what you are going to do a year from now?

I can only answer that when we see where you are at, at that time.

Eric and Mike did a great job with that DVD.

All exercise has it's place in a health routine.
Cardio, in general, has been over-rated for it's weight loss benefits, but it has it's place.



thank you alwyn for your help

your right i am going a little over board with the 52 week program , i will read the program design manuel along the journey , it should help.

out of the people you mention (Tom Incledon, John Berardi, Eric Serrano, Chris Mohr, Dave Barr and Lyle Mcdonald ) any books or dvds you would recomend as the best.

eric dvd i am gonna get to get my flexiblity going

also thank you for all your help alwyn


i was looking at Tom Incledon, his dvd set looks very promising , here take a look www.thomasincledon.com/products_videos.asp

seems like this will cover all my needs on nutrition