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Questions concerning Ancillaries.

I’m new to the Steroid world, but plan on doing a cycle some time in the far, far future (I’m guessing in a couple of years, if that soon). I have been doing my research but I am still a little unclear about Ancillaries.

I don’t quite understand how they work, as in what actually goes on in your body when you use them. I am also not sure how one decides which Ancillaries to use with what AAS?

For instance, I was reading an older article written by Cy concerning a Dianabol only cycle. He recommended Tamoxifen or Clomiphene. What makes these substances ideal for Dianabol? And how do you decide how much to take and for how long?

What side effects do Ancillaries combat, and are they illegal to purchase?

Thank you in advance, for helping a newbie.


It’s good to see that you want to do your homework before you get going. And remember, max out your natural potential before you venture into these waters.

Tamoxifen citrate or Nolvadex as its more commonly called will reduce the androgenic effects of estrogen which will increase in an AAS cycle. Tamoxifen will slightly reduce the benefits of the AAS, but will more than make up for it by reducing or eliminating the unwanted side effects of estrogen.

The rest of my post didn’t come through…

Clomiphene citrate or clomid as it’s commonly called, is taken post cycle. It helps to get your testosterone going again. The time you begin taking this depends on the type of AAS.

Another ancillary you may want to consider is HCG. This is taken at some point during the cycle. It prevents atrophy in your gonads. Basically, it stops your boys from shrinking when they get the message that they don’t have to produce testosterone any more. By taking HCG, your giving your system a running start at the end of the cycle. You start with the clomid, and your system can start producing testosterone much more quickly.

You should do a search on HCG and clomid. There are many long posts on these topics.

clomid and nolva are estrogen agonists/antagonists. in certain tissues such as breat it blocks estrogen from binding to the receptors.

most data seems to suggest that nolva is more effective for fighting gyno once signs begin to show.

clomid is also used post cycle to increase the relesae of lh/fsh.

arimidex on the other hand is probably the anti-e of choice when on a heavy cycle of aromitizable steroids such as test. a-dex basically stops the production of estrogen in its tracks. a-dex is a strong drug and you need to watch your doses because too little estrogen can be bad also.

Thank you for your reply and all the information.

I will definately look into HCG more indepthly; I did read the thread that started not to long ago and I came out with the conclusion that it wasn’t neccesary for all AAS cycles. Guess I have alot more reading to do!

Using the Dianabol cycle as an example would it be logical to setup a schedule as follows:

5 Week running length:

DBol - 50mg Each Day.
Nolvadex - 50-75mg Each Day. (continued post cycle or only when the AAS is being consumed?)
Clomid - 50-100mg Each Day. (as post cycle only, not to be used while the AAS is being consumed?)

A cycle like this would supply the user with decent size and strength gains. How much of these gains can a user be expected to keep after the cycle has been completed?

When using Ancillaries, can you take them around the same time you injest/inject AAS? Or would it be preferable to fan the timing out over the period of an entire day?

Thank you again for your reply.


Nice post chotto. I’d also like to clarify in laymens terms that the sides most commonly associated with excess estrogen are gynocomasia aka; bitch tits, gyno, and moonface, bloating. Gyno is irreversable, extremely expensive to remove and if I’m not mistaken can still come back after it’s been removed. Moonface caused by excess water retention is IMO one of the dead give aways that a guy is on and has no clue of what he’s doing/it looks like shit.

I regaurds to your cycle setup you’re sort of getting the idea but here’s some things to change/consider. D-bol by itself is not a very good cycle and most likely you will keep less than half your gains from what I’ve seen/heard/read. Having both a class I and class II in a cyle makes it much more solid in terms of overall gains made and kept assuming PCT is on point. Therefore addin some sort of test would be very wise. Also 50 mg of d-bol is too much for your first cycle, 20-30 mgs is more like it. On to the clomid therapy most people would recomend 300 mg the first day, then 100 mg ED for about the next week then 50 mg ED for the about a month. BTW congrats on being the first person in a LOOONNNGG time to post a well put together(researched) first ? on this forum.

Thank you to all who posted, I apologize for the late reply. I was at the gym, of all things!

I walked away with alot of new information from this thread, and I can see that I have a GREAT deal more to learn and research.

So, thank you again for your information. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me in the future.

On a side note, as far as posting a well thought-out post; I see things pretty black and white. You guys aren’t wasting my time, so why should I waste yours? It’s the least I can do to try and figure as much of this stuff out on my own before asking for advice and clarification.

Thanks again,


Me thinks that this individual is not speaking hypothetically, but has every intention of doing the Dbol cycle posted. You will not be impressed w/ the final results of your ventures. Dbol will “blow you up” nicely during, but it is mostly water and will disappear soon after the cycle is done. Use an injectable class I AAS such as test or tren as your base.

I assure you I am definately speaking hypothetically.

Being young and all, I don’t see a cycle in my future for atleast another 10 years…if that.

I threw Dianabol out there because it was the first AAS that came to mind, and everybody knows it.

I understand that a Dianabol only cycle will not allow one to keep the majority of their gains, and that a form of Test should be added. I’ll keep that in mind.

Again, I assure you that I have no plans for a cycle anytime soon. Especially the one previously posted.


Anyone have a picture of a dude with moonface? I’m dying to see what it looks like.