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Questions Before Starting Clomid-Only Treatment

I was considering to jump on only HCG cycle to boost my own production. But from what I have seen and reading at different places that clomid is better alternative for my propose.

I have never been on TRT or any kind stuff like that before but because of my low T I’m ready to begin with only clomid to see if I can increase my natural T levels up to normal range. I’m in my mid 30s.

I just wanna my sex drive , motivation and energy back and of course easier to put on some muscle. So I don’t have expectations on to be bodybuilder and steroid freak.

I have questions regarding clomid:

What are the dose to begin with and to skip the nasty side effects?

Do nolvadex have less side effects than clomid? Many recommend nolva over clomid.

For how long to take it and how to cycle it?

Which dose to begin with?

25mg every other day to 25mg every day are common starting dosages.

Not really.

There is no optimal approach here. I wouldn’t take it longer than six months.

They’re options for increasing testosterone. Plus, dependent on the reason your
testosterone is low, may not work. I assume you have blood work. I would not use these without appropriate supervision.

The side effects start pretty much at any dosage, the most common side effect is low or no libido at all. Lack of motivation is also very common. You need estrogen in the brain to have libido, these drugs block estrogen from crossing the brain barrier.

You’re better of using HCG or TRT for life long treatment of low-T.

I would never recommend cycling these drugs in order to treat low-T. If T is low use HCG or TRT.

This quite confusing some says better start with clomid and other says HCG. I was first thinking about start with HCG due doctors give it as first treatment to see if it will improve the patients Low T.

How looks the dosage for a newbie if I gonna do standalone HCG?

I have read that 200 IU 3 times week and 5 weeks on and 5 weeks off and cycle it like that.

What are the correct dose to see feel any different while stay away from side effects or skip shutdown own LH or similar?

The side effects can start at any dosage. Some do very well with Clomid, have zero side effects and are very happy with the results. That doesn’t mean I like it or recommend it.

Welcome to hormone therapies. I would take hCG over Clomid and would use 250IUs 3x a week. As systemlord mentioned above, avoid the drugs that screw with your brain chemistry.

Thanks! Any brand that are recommended to hold HQ for HCG?

HCG is HCG. Shouldn’t matter. Note, this should be actual injectable HCG, not fake diet pills.

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Does it matter buy those that are already mixed or better to buy in powered and mixed by myself ?

If powdered and mix by myself, how much liquid should I put into HCG bottle?
And how to measure 250 IU with the syringe?

I guess if I buy a bottle that are 2000 IU then I have to refrigerate the rest.

Powder and mix yourself.

Once mixed it has to be kept in the refrigerator so I’m surprised they even sell pre mixed stuff

You’ll have to do a little math to figure out the amounts.

If it’s 5000IU’s in the container, it’s easiest to add 5ml of liquid. Then every ml is 1000IU’s of HCG (5000 / 5).

If you want 250 IU’s then 0.25ml will get you there. That is also 25 “units” on a U100 insulin syringe if that’s what you’re using.

Some do, shipped with dry ice. Patients like that, no mixing.

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Sorry to highjack, but I also have a question about HCG only. I have had all kinds of shitty side effects with TRT only that I’ve never been able to successfully stop. To the point sometimes I think of giving up on the whole damn thing. Would HCG only be a viable alternative for me?

Guys thanks for replies, really appreciate!

I got a summary of all my questions since there’s none guide out there how to begin with HCG.

  1. What kind synergies do I need? I have seen people using insulin and other using regular one.

  2. What kind needles and size?

3 . Do I need to change needle for every new injection or it’s enough to clean it with alcohol wipes? Or better to use new for every injection?

  1. If the HCG and the water container look like this how gonna I mix it together and refrigerate the rest?

  2. How long it gonna take until I feel some different? Within 1 day or 1 week?

  3. When I’m on for 5 week and then 5 weeks off, does the testosterone drop significantly during the off weeks? Any symptoms I would feel?

  4. I wanna see if I can see any changes or HCG works on me so when can is good to take blood test? After 2 week or when I finish the first cycle ie.after 5 week ?

  5. What kind of blood test is good to take beside total and free Testosterone, LH, SHGB? Maybe Estrogen too?

I use 30g 1/2" insulin syringes. These are 1 piece, the needle is not removable. I use these from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GNRQJWH/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

New syringe for every injection. Do not reuse them. A new one is like $0.40/each so not worth the risk.

Not sure what you’re asking. You put the water into the vial that has HCG in it. It will then be what you draw from each time you want to do an injection. Leave it in the frig the rest of the time.

Weeks, not days

You’re probably going to feel pretty bad trying To do 5 weeks on 5 weeks off. This isn’t a steroid cycle. 5 weeks won’t be enough to really see if you’re getting anything out of HCG, but even if it is, when you stop for 5 weeks your T is going to go to nothing and you’ll be miserable for a couple of weeks. Not sure why you’d want to do this

I’d give it more like 5 weeks. Again, I don’t agree with cycling it.

All of them, sure. Total T, Free T, SHBG, E2 are the common ones that come to mind first. No point in testing LH, it will be very low.

I mean if the container look like this how to mix it

So you mean HCG is not mean to be cycled? then why I have seen people cycle it? Is that because they run on high dose than 250 IU? In this case you mean you can run HCG for lifetime without need to jump off? Is this effective on longterm?

So when HCG shutdown own LH production? Isn’t HCG for to send a signal to the brain to produce more LH?

If it’s bacteriostatic water then mix it and refrigerate. If it’s only sterile water then don’t do that.

You know what’s great for low testosterone? Testosterone.

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I forgot about this type–it’s not common in the US. For that type you need an additional empty/sterile vial to put the mixture into. Like @iron_yuppie said, it needs to be mixed with bacteriostatic water (helps prevent bacteria from growing.

What are you trying to get out of cycling it? I have never heard of anyone doing it that way. The only time I’ve heard of taking it for 5 weeks or whatever is after someone has just ended a steroid cycle. Honestly I don’t think HCG is effective for increasing T longterm for almost anyone. There’s a reason people end up on testosterone despite drugs like HCG and Clomid being available…

Yes, HCG will shut down your natural LH production. It does not send a signal to your brain. It directly signals the Sertoli cells in your balls, which makes them produce T. Your brain will still see that you have enough T and not send any signals to produce it on its own. LH will be basically 0.

Clomid works more from the brain side. It will cause the pituitary to increase outputs of LH and FSH. The downside is the vast majority of people feel bad on Clomid. I am not sure why.

Never knew about this. Nice one.

What do you think is a good starting dose of HCG for someone on 135mg TRT weekly?

I am just gonna try HCG to see if it helps with sleep as TRT ruined mine.

Maybe 250 units 2-3x a week? Try that and see what happens. I take twice that but it’s actually for fertility

Thanks. I was thinking of going for 150ui 3 times a week. I might just go 250x2 for the lesser injection freq.

Can we pull both T and HCG into the same syringe and inject at once or am i too optimistic?