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Questions Before First Cycle

Hey guys, I’ve got some questions before I go on my first ever cycle in the coming weeks, I’d appreciate any advice you could give on any of these questions. These questions are going to sound stupid to some of you but bare in mind I am new to this.

So I’m 23, 6’2, 190 pounds, pretty lean and have been lifting for fours year. I’ll be doing a pretty conservative cycle first time round, most likely no more than 400mg test Enanthate per week.

My first question relates to PCT, what’s the most effective method here, both Nolvadex and Clomid two weeks after last dose or or is just nolva sufficient?

Secondly, if I notice gyno coming on should an ai be utilised immediately with nolva or just on its own?

Thirdly, what is in your opinion the best ai for combatting gyno, I’m yet to buy one.

And lastly, 400mg of test e per week should be spaced out into two separate 200mg doses per week, as opposed to one single 400mh dose, correct?


  1. Don’t take an AI until you need it
  2. Pre cycle blood work is a must
  3. Yes, split the dosage
  4. Nolva only as a pct is sufficient
  5. Don’t start pct too early; two weeks after a cycle is not actually enough time for the ester to fully clear; three weeks is better, despite conventional wisdom
  6. What’s your bf %? You’re pretty light for your height, but if you’re very lean then that’s probably fine
  7. Have a solid diet plan for mass gaining; you can take all the drugs you want, but if you don’t eat to grow you simply will be spinning your wheels
  8. If you start to notice gyno then use your AI first, it should be enough to take care of it, especially on only 400mg/w
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Firstly, thanks for your advice, all of that has been helpful.

Could you elaborate on point 5, and the Ester not being clear from your system after two weeks? I’m assuming you’re saying two weeks is not sufficient for the test e/effects of it having worn off?

Also, what dosage of nolva would you recommend?

Lastly, what are the most important things I should be asking for when I get my blood work, test, Estrogen etc?

As for your concerns of my bf/diet I’ve established a pretty good diet, eating in a caloric surplus was a struggle initially but it’s light work now. Last I checked bf was 14% but I’d say it could even be less now.

I‘m 2 inches shorter and 5 pounds heavier with around the same amount of body fat. I think here are two red flags. First you have still too much potential left. Your next bulk will get you to over 210 and around 200 lbs lean I suppose and second, you are too young. You don’t have children right? Did you think enough about the consequences?
I would not cycle right now and I’m in a bit better position body wise. My advice would be to wait a few years. Your hormones are probably good as they are.

Irons tipps are great and if you do it, do it like he said.