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Questions and Observations About Titrating My AI

As many of you have advised in these forums, I think I blew past the sweet spot based on my AI dosing schedule and blood test results. I am going to give myself a 7 day washout period and then try again.

My E2 was at 56pg and in 2 weeks with a total Aromasin dosing of 40mg I reduced E2 to 18mg.
Would you guys say that is an over response or a typical response?

Definitely not an over response. I would just cut back to 6mg per dose and see where that takes you. Also, are you just taking it off feeling or are you going on a schedule?

Thanks alphagunner,

I am trying to figure it out. I would prefer to figure out a regular schedule that keeps me in range LOL.
I will start back at 6mg E3D and see where the E2 will fall.

Going by feel is gonna be an exercise in careful observation. With E2 at 56 I did not feel bad, but no MW or libido.