Questions: AI, Liver Support

Hey guys, I’ve been lurking these forums for awhile and now I’ve finally registered to ask a couple questions.

I will soon be starting a 12 week test e cycle at 500 mg/week, with a 4 week dbol kickstart. However i cannot get armidex from my source. Would using an over the counter AI be acceptable, or is it to risky and would waiting until I attained some be advisable?

Also what support supps do I need? Liver support and taurine come to mind, but I’m not entirely sure.


type in research chemicals Anastrozole and pick one up from there. you can only use it on your rats for cancer research though…

NAC at 500 to 1000mg/day for your liver. From my personal experience I would advise using an AI during cycle, definately helps with bloat. Not too familiar with research chems but many have used with success. Most otc AI that I have heard of are useless crap.

NAC, Milk thistle, Liv52.

for cholesterol, up your omega’s/fish oils, red yeast, bran, cholestoff I belive its called.