Questions After My First Deadlift

Today I went to the gym and did my first deadlift excercise, after 3 months in the gym, and it felt great i loved it but i have a few questions.

  1. I started off doing 85 pounds and managed 8 reps for 5 sets, but on the fifth set i was pushing myself and once i had finished and put the wieghts back my lower back seized up and i was basically forced to stand up straight to releive the pain. Is this correct, should this happen.

Btw i have poor posture in general and the pain only lasted for 10-15mins during which i had too finsih my session in the gym beucase i could literally not do anything.

  1. My posture is very poor, can deadlifiting help this, after my first set i looked in the mirror and i looked a lot taller, and my posture looked great lol.

  2. When shall i do the deadlifts start of my workout or the end, and what sort of warmups shall i do

Thanks in advance

Read up on Eric Cressey’s mastering the deadlift part I,II,III:

Always do physically intensive lifts first. As for posture search for “neanderthal no more” and read all of them. Spend the time to find out the exact problem and follow the steps given to help it. I’d say keep deadlifting but take it slow. Focus on keeping your back neutral “in a straight line”.

You’re gonna get sore from deadlifts just like any other exercise. Those muscles in your back might not be seeing much attention. Like the other poster said, make sure to watch your form. Keep the weight low for a few weeks until you are confident you are doing them right.

Deadlifting will strengthen your back and could definitely help you with your posture. It’s something you will have to think about and consciously work on though.

Do the heaviest, hardest compound movements first. This will usually be deadlift for most people. You want to do your compound movements before isolation movements.