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Questions About WS4SB 3


hey everyone, just a few basic questions that i havent been able to answer for myself:

for reference: http://www.elitefts.com/ws4sb/WS4SB.pdf

  1. how come on max effort upper day, the supposed strength day, only one of the 7 exercises is performed with what is generally considered to be the strength rep range (1-5)? the rest of the exercises on max effort upper body day are to be performed with reps ranging from 8-20..the same goes with max effort lower body day. really, i would have expected more reps to be in the strength range on max effort day...

  2. i have also noticed that the supplemental exercise in max effort upper day calls for 2 sets of max reps in ws4sb 3, but in the original program, the rep range was 6-10? joe defranco states that this is a new twist that he employs from time to time, but what is the reason for this alteration? would there be any merit in switching back to the original rep range for the supplemental exercise (6-10)?

  3. max reps: broadly, i understand what this term means. for example, with a bodyweight exercise, i would do as many reps as possible over 3 sets, aiming to improve on that total the next workout, etc. but if i were to do max reps on, for example, the DB or BB bench press,how would i select a starting weight? once i have selected a weight i would go through the same progression as i would with the bodyweight exercises (correct me if im wrong), but at what point do i increase the weight?

any help is greatly appreciated!


I'm nowhere near advanced enough to answer any question but you'd probably be better off having a look at this before you ask anymore questions and get savagely flamed.


Apologies if you already have and it isn't covered in that thread.


thanks TheRow, i was aware of that thread but was under the impression that it was no longer in use so i decided to post here. anyway, no, my specific questions arent really answered in that thread.

i will bear that thread in mind next time a question arises, but can anyone help me out with these questions here or shall i repost them to the WS4SB appreciation society..?



As noone else seems to be biting I'll give it a shot

1)The whole point of the template is that the first exercise is used to develop raw strength and the assistance exercises are in the template to
1)add volume to help size
2)prevent imbalances
3)strengthen muscles which will in turn incrase the main lift of the day

Therefore the first exercise on ME days is in the strength rep range (3-5),the remaining exercises are in the hypertrophy range.

2)The change will have been based on De Franco trying stuff out and finding that in general it worked better. As far as you are concerned, pick one of the programmes and stick with it for at least 6 months, varying the ME exercise every three weeks and the assistance stuff every eight weeks.

3)There are many ways of doing RE stuff. I find that it is best to do 2x15 with a weight that is around your 18RM which is about 60% of the one rep max. Then on the last set attempt to do as many reps as you can. The aim of each week is to beat you last weeks score. I have found that doing this for a month and then doing two weeks of 4x15 with the same weight is affective and stops me getting over trained.

My best bit of advice though would be to stick you hand in your pocket and spend $20 which is about £12 on Wendlers 5-3-1 and do that as I'm finding that much better that I ever found WSFSB.

Hope this helps. I would suggest that you read through all the stuff on the WSFSB appreciation as most of this stuff has been covered over there. Finally, don't over think this stuff, just do it. I used to over think and it's better just to get it done and move on, as 5-3-1 suggests



Hey guys,

I couldn't find a newer thread on the WS4SB templates so I decided to post here.

I'm currently on the 10th week and I varied the max effort lifts a lot, but the supplemental lifts not that much. I'm thinking about adjusting my nutrition and supplementation to maximize the results (during holiday -> good nutrition, good sleep, hard training and good supps) and now it struck me that it's quite a time that I've been on the same program.

I'm planning on taking one week off for complete recovery but I'm not sure on what to do next. Can I stay on the program with the same good results? Or should I change the program completely? (What other good programs are there for muscle and strength, getting me the same results as joe d's program?).

I'm not strong at all (max deadlift around 220, squat around 180, bench around 88 -> yeah I know...) at a bw of 165 but I'm sure that I will get stronger with additional bodyweight. So I thought joe d's program is just perfect for me...

Thanks for your help!


just keep cycling the exercises !!

if it gives you results that you like why would you quit !?

5-3-1 like mentioned is considered a very good program

Designer athelete article on this site is also an athelete program but

But Ws4sb and DA are very much the same except that DA contains a lot of exercises for warm up and after workout..

but you could just transfer them to Ws4sb


thanks for your reply. I thought I should change because my body gets used to it -> less results!

So that means I should also cycle the supplemental exercises all 2-3 weeks?


Best advice i can give you is to do what gives you result.

There is only two rules for all this programming.

  2. dont do what doesnt work !

if you want to do it EXACTLY like defranco does it. i suggest that you go to www.elitefts.com and press logs and then find defrancos logs

in there you can see how he puts his workout together.