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Questions About WMS


Ok guys..quick question....i just found that i had a full container of Kwick Karb (WMS) sitting in the kitchen and im going to use it up in my post-shake.

My question is that would throwing about 50grams of this stuff in my shaker with my post-workout protein shake be good? Should i use it at a different time or different dosage? Any advice would be golden here. Thanks.


WMS or any other carbohydrate will do the same thing (technically) at the same dosage. 50 grams is good, if you're looking for 50 grams of carbs.


Dont mix it with your proteins. It will change the molecular weight.

You can use WMS + stuff like Creatine, Leucine, BCAA, whatever

15mins later have your proteins


alright thanks bro. What i am going to do it....finish workout....drink WMS...stretch...drive home (about 8-10 minute drive)...protein.


Wait, huh? Does it effect how the protein is actually absorbed? I know there are post workout mixes out there with WMS in them... I thought it would be all fine and dandy since WMS is pretty quickly absorbed and all...


Vitargo is excellent, but personally I use Professional Supplements "Pure Karbolyn"--essentially the same type of product but less expensive. By the way, don't be fooled by the hype concerning waxy maise starch. It's not the source of the carbohydrate, but, rather, the special processing that makes Vitargo/Pure Karbolyn so rapidly absorbed.

Originally, Vitargo was made from waxy maise starch (but no longer is so) specially modified/processed. So, other supplement companies wanting to make a buck jumped on the WMS bandwagon and starting selling plain unmodified WMS; however, this stuff DOES NOT have the properties of Vitargo/Pure Karbolyn no matter what the companies claim. It's just plain old starch--a pure con. It's no better, no worse, than any other concentrated starch source.

Anyone who has tried both types of products knows exactly what I'm talking about.



the not adding protein advice is good if you paid for the stuff, but if it's just lying around go to town with with it. when most people buy the waxy it's because they want that high molecular weight, whcih can be reduced with the addition of whole proteins and the like. But if you just found it around the kitchen, do what ever is convienent. I'd personally throw some bcaa, leucine and creatine with the waxy, drive home then take your protein. Pretty much get a cheap Dark Matter that way.